Barry M Twilight – Tesco Christmas Limited Edition 2014

Hey there lovely ladies and gents! Sorry I’ve been so sporadic lately – I signed up for Amazon Instant Video and now I’m marathoning my way through One Tree Hill because they are ALL on there! (Who’s with me?!). But I thought I’d better tear my eyes away for a little while to update you all with another Barry M.

For the last 3 years or so, Barry M have released Christmas limited edition Nail Paints exclusive to both Boots and Superdrug (you can see this year’s Boots ones here) – well this year, they have added Tesco to their repertoire. And since there aren’t all that many Tescos that stock Barry M, this one proves a little tricky to get hold of! I actually bought mine from somebody else who was reselling it.

Barry M Twilight Christmas Limited Edition Tesco 2014

Barry M Twilight Christmas Limited Edition Tesco 2014Here I have layered one coat of Twilight over one coat of HJ Manicure Thunder Storm. Twilight has a clear base, filled with miniature purple metallic glitters, and silver metallic glitters in three (or four?) different sizes. It’s super reflective and really pretty – the silver glitters have a mirror-like effect and are so shiny.

Application: This nail polish is very dense with glitter, so you will only need a single coat of it if you are using it as a topper. I am sure you could probably wear this nail polish totally opaque. It applies evenly and doesn’t drag at all really. It dries quickly, to a slightly dull finish – I’d definitely recommend a topcoat to make the best of this glitter.

Apologies for the slightly dull nature of the pictures – the weather has just been so atrocious lately, so it’s a bit tricky to get a well-lit photo!

Barry M Twilight costs £3.99 from Tesco – I think it is only the Tescos that have a beauty section – but I can’t work out for the life of me which ones to be honest! It was available online at one point here – at Tesco Direct, which I believe delivers to your local Tesco for free.

Let me know what you think in the comments!