Barry M Speedy Collection Summer 2015 – Swatches Review & Comparisons

Hello all! Barry M have kindly sent me a huuuuge review package, so I have another Barry M collection to show you today. This is the next instalment of the Speedy Quick Dry range – if you remember the Speedy collection that they released back in February, these are they! This time there’s 6 polishes in the collection. I’m sure I said somewhere recently that I was hoping Barry M would bring out some more shimmers or glitters after the huge amount of cremes lately, and they have delivered! 3 of the 6 polishes are shimmers, which makes me very happy 🙂

The Speedy Nail Paints all have the new wide brush that Barry M have started using, which is great! I’ve put a picture of that further on in the post.

The six colours in this collection are a little unusual together, but they are all very pretty. I’ve included comparisons with each of them 🙂 So it will be a long post – grab a cuppa as always! 🙂

Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Summer Collection

Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Brush

I may or may not have pinched this photo from my last Speedy collection post but it saves a little time so 🙂 on the right is the new brush compared with the standard Barry M brush. The new brush is flat, wide and slightly rounded which for me works really well and makes neat application nice and easy.

Barry M Speedy Supersonic Quick Dry


Why not start with my absolute favourite?! This is a stunning cobalt blue packed with shimmer. It actually has a slight pinky-purple duochrome effect to the shimmer, which is I.M.P.O.S.S.I.B.L.E. to catch on camera. Trust me, 120 odd photos later and nothing… But it’s very pretty in person. The polish itself is a very rich colour – if you even slightly like blues, you will love this. It’s a must-have for me.

Application: Oddly this looks thin on the first coat but is opaque in 2 coats. It dries quickly with a nice consistency, and is easy to apply. However it does dry quite dull so I’d definitely recommend using topcoat.

Barry M Speedy Supersonic Quick Dry Comparison

Left to right: Butter London Scouse, Barry M Supersonic Speedy, Scouse, Supersonic.

This shimmery cobalt blue with slight pink shift reminded me of Butter London Scouse, although they are actually pretty different when you see them together. Scouse has much larger shimmer particles and is more sheer, taking 3 coats for full opacity. It’s not quite as bright as Supersonic either, and is pretty hard to get hard of.

Barry M Speedy Turbo Charged Quick Dry

Turbo Charged

This is a lovely coral filled with tiny gold and silvery shimmer flecks. The effect is rather like when the sun hits the sea and it sparkles nicely 🙂 I love this. Very summery.

Application: This applied really well. The consistency is a little thick, but it’s practically opaque at 1 coat so I don’t mind that. It dries quickly and to a lovely glossy finish.

Barry M Speedy Turbo Charged Quick Dry Comparison

Left to right: Barry M Passion Fruit Gelly, Barry M Coral, Barry M Turbo Charged Speedy, Essie Sunday Funday.

As you can see Passion Fruit Gelly and Coral are both different to Turbo Charged, being that they are cremes, but they are also quite a few shades apart. Essie Sunday Funday is quite similar though – a little more pink-toned and the shimmer is silver-only, but other than that they are pretty close. The Essie is more expensive, though.

Barry M Speedy Speed Demon Quick Dry

Speed Demon

This is a very pretty, very dainty light pink with silver shimmer, much like that of Turbo Charged. I’m not normally a massive fan of these pinks, but the shimmer gives it an edge for me and I actually really like it 🙂

Application: This polish takes 3 coats for full opacity. The formula is nice and it dries quickly, to a nice high shine.

Barry M Speedy Speed Demon Quick Dry Comparison

Left to right: Barry M Speed Demon Speedy, Barry M Kiss Me Quick Speedy, Speed Demon, Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream. 

Obviously none of these are the same due to Speed Demon containing shimmer, but in terms of colour tone Strawberry Ice Cream is the closest. Kiss Me Quick is a few shades lighter I think.

Barry M Speedy Need for Speed Quick Dry

Need For Speed

This is a gorgeous pink-toned bright purple creme. The colour isn’t 100% accurate in this photo, it’s a touch more pink-toned but my camera wouldn’t pick it up. It’s super gorgeous in person! I’d say this is my 2nd favourite in the collection.

Application: This is a little on the thick side, but covers in 1 coat. I always use 2 though, as it gives a little more ‘oomph’ to your nails I feel (I don’t even know lol). It applies nicely and dries quickly, to a nice shine.

Barry M Speedy Need for Speed Quick Dry Comparison

Left to right: Barry M Need For Speed Speedy, Rimmel 60 Seconds Lovey Dovey, Need For Speed, Barry M Bright Purple.

Barry M Speedy On Your Marks Quick Dry

On Your Marks

This is a lovely bright lemony yellow. I quite like this on me, which is pretty unusual when your skin is as pink-toned as mine is! It reminds me of Refreshers.

Application: This is a bit on the thick side, and also needs 3 coats for total opacity (2 if you use thick coats). I will probably add thinner to my bottle as the thickness made application a little fiddly, but it dries quickly and to a lovely shine.

Barry M Speedy On Your Marks Quick Dry Comparison

Left to right: Barry M On Your Marks Speedy, Rimmel 60 Seconds Chin Up Buttercup, On Your Marks, Barry M Lemon Ice Cream.

Barry M Speedy Get Set Go Quick Dry

Get Set Go

This is a nice rich pink creme. For me this is the take-it-or-leave it polish of the collection, because in my head a bright pink is a bright pink is a bright pink. Which isn’t true, but I often feel the same about reds, whites and blacks too. Nevertheless this is very pretty and a classic colour.

Application: This applied really nicely, and was totally opaque in 2 coats. Dries quickly and to a nice shine.

Barry M Speedy Get Set Go Quick Dry Comparison

Left to right: Barry M Get Set Go Speedy, Barry M Shocking Pink, Get Set Go, Barry M Pink Punch Gelly

The difference between these is a little more obvious in person, but Shocking Pink is deeper, and Pink Punch lighter and more blue-toned than Get Set Go. My favourite is Get Set Go, actually.


I really like this collection! The colours are a quirky mix that seem a little mismatched, but actually individually they are all really nice. My absolute must-haves are Supersonic and Need For Speed 🙂

The Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Collection Summer 2015 is available already in Superdrug, and will be available in Boots from 13th May. They are £3.99 each.

Let me know what you think of these nail paints in the comments! 🙂