Barry M Plumpy Gelly Topcoat

Hey everyone 🙂 a couple of weeks back I showed you the new Barry M Speedy Collection and the Spring 2015 Barry M Gelly additions – at the same time they released the new Gelly Hi-Shine “Plumpy” Topcoat, which I was also sent to review. I thought I’d try it out for a little while to give a proper overview on it, hence why this review is a little late! 🙂

As this is part of the Gelly range, it’s designed to have a ‘gel effect’ to look nice and glossy and slightly thick.

Barry M Plumpy Gelly Topcoat 2

Barry M Plumpy Gelly Topcoat

Barry M Plumpy Gelly Topcoat

The Plumpy Gelly Topcoat features the new flat brush that’s also used in the Speedy Collection, which makes neat application nice and easy.

Barry M Plumpy Gelly Topcoat

To fully test out the topcoat I’ve been using it over glitter (index and pinkie), stamping (index and middle), and the Barry M Nail Art pens (ring finger). It works really well to cover chunky glitter up – usually 1-2 coats for me, and it doesn’t smudge stamping or nail art pens :).

It is touch-dry pretty quickly (about 30-60 seconds) but takes a little longer to fully dry. Despite this I’m a big fan – for those days when I’m not rushing out the door with wet nails, and I have a spare half an hour to let my nails dry while reading a book or something it’s really worth it. Despite being quite a thick topcoat (but not gloopy), it doesn’t cause shrinkage and has made my manicures last a good 3-5 days with no chips, which is great in my books! The finish SUPER glossy, and is also plumped up a little, rather like a gel polish.

For those of you wondering, this topcoat is a lot better quality (in my opinion) than the slightly thinner 2-in-1 Base and Topcoat from Barry M. They’re very different – the latter being much thinner and (for me) I don’t notice any added longevity when using it.

The Barry M Plumpy Topcoat is available at Boots and Superdrug, for a very affordable £2.99. I will be stocking up – as you can see from the photos, I’ve used quite a bit already!

  • Becca

    Going to grab me some tonight! What polish you used for stamping the butterflies? It looks great 🙂

    • Thank you! 🙂 x It was Barry M Silver Foil – I think they are discontinuing the foils so worth getting it now if you like it 😀 it’s great for stamping! xxx

  • Helly

    Oh my this could be the answer to my topcoat prayers!!

    • Hehe, hopefully! 🙂 xx

  • No evidence of potentially smearing nail art? That’s the only box I still have left unticked.

    • I haven’t tried it with acrylic paint, but otherwise it’s great so far! x

  • Ellie C

    This sounds great. I’ve been loving the Ciate Speed Dry Topcoat but now I’m saving up for a house deposit I really don’t have a spare £11 to spend on topcoat, this sounds like it would be an amazing alternative! Especially if it lasts around a week, well worth it! x

    • I feel ya! In the absence of expensive topcoat this one is great. When I could afford it, I was using the Jacava one which is £14! But now not so much haha! xxx