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Barry M Papaya Gelly - Imagination In Colour

Barry M Papaya Gelly

Hey everyone!! 🙂 Today have a really springy polish to show you. When I first got this, I wasn’t very keen – I was dead set in my mind that oranges weren’t for me. But I pulled this out the other day, and thought actually, I really love this! I’ve found a few of my tastes in nail polish have changed over the years, for example I used to adore a nice shimmery dark blue, but I think I went overboard with them and now I’m not keen at all! And pinks have definitely taken a back seat, where I used to love them. Mint greens I used to think would look terrible on me but now I love them! What colours for you have changed in your estimations?

Papaya was released around about this time last year, as part of the Spring Gelly collection along with Dragon Fruit, Green Berry and Lychee. I’m dying to get my hands on the 2014 Spring Gellys but I do still think that the 2013 collection held four perfect Spring staples.

Barry M Papaya Gelly

Barry M Papaya Gelly (2)

Papaya is a lovely glossy peachy-orange creme. It reminds me a little of Chanel Orange Fizz, it’s a very similar colour family. And do I think that this has a gel-effect finish? Yes – it’s glossy, it looks thick and shiny but isn’t and it has perfect coverage. I love it! And in my experience with the Gellys they tend to last a good while too.


This applied in two easy coats for full opacity. The polish was smooth and even with no streaking, and I found it dried quickly to a nice high shine. The polish wasn’t even thick, and still gave amazing results, which is pretty impressive for an orange-based nail varnish in my books!

There really isn’t much to say about this one other than it’s pretty much flawless on application and beautiful on finish! I found it made my skin look more tanned than it actually is too, which is always a bonus!

You can buy Barry M Papaya from Boots.com and Superdrug.com, as well as instore and at Barrym.com, for a very reasonable £3.99! They are often on offer in Boots and Superdrug too, so keep an eye out! 😉