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Barry M Pacific - Imagination In Colour

Barry M Pacific

Hey everyone! It’s another one from the Barry M Aquarium  today! I am all over this collection seriously – I’m not sure whether it’s been my resisting buying for so long or whether they really are amazing, but I am loving them!! Here is my second favourite of the duochromey ones – Pacific (following the water theme!)

I feel like I’ve seen this colour before in a polish but I don’t own any like it so I’m fine with that. 🙂 I do love a good teal polish! A quick note on the pictures – my camera picked up the brush stroke pattern really well (sometimes high definition isn’t such a good thing I suppose!) but basically the polish doesn’t look as brush-strokey in person as it does in the pics. But no matter what I did, it wasn’t happening through the lens!

Barry M Pacific

Barry M Pacific (2)

Barry M Pacific (3)

Barry M Pacific (4)Pacific (what a beautiful name – conjures up all sorts of peaceful images for me!) is a lovely turquoisey-aqua shimmer with a chrome type effect. It also has a flash of electric blue (which is what I was trying to capture in the picture above – this one proved quite tricky for me to photograph – I should probably get/make a lightbox but I am fond of my daylight photos) – the electric blue is just stunning and really surprised me actually, as you can’t really see it in the bottle. It’s much stronger than the photo shows – I wish I could have captured it better!


Pacific applies well – the photos show 2 coats for opacity. It can drag a tiny bit at the cuticle but I would recommend just leaving it until the next coat to patch it up, otherwise you can get in a mess! It’s also quite brush-strokey so make sure you paint in as straight lines as possible to minimize their visibility. It dries fairly quickly and to a metallic chrome finish – I don’t like to use topcoat on these finishes because I don’t feel like they gel well together but that’s up to you 🙂

This is really really pretty and unique to my collection – I always feel that duochromes can be a bit overpriced but Pacific is just £3.99 which I feel is very reasonable compared to some! I wasn’t overwhelmed by it in the bottle but the electric blue flash has me 100% sold – I love it!

You can buy the Barry M Aquarium Nail Effects from BootsSuperdrug and Barry M (and they’re often on offer so keep an eye out!). You can read my other two reviews on the Treasure Chest and Caspian by clicking here 🙂