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Barry M Heather Silk Effect - Imagination In Colour

Barry M Heather Silk Effect

Hello! I have a really lovely new polish for you today. Unless you have been living under a rock (or don’t spend your life on Facebook like me…) you will have heard of the new Barry M Silk range. There are six colours in total, all designed to have a ‘silk-effect’ finish. I have to say, the look is actually pretty spot on – I’m impressed!

It’s been a little while since we’ve heard word from camp BM, so these are an exciting addition for Spring! All the six shades are pearly pastels, which I am ALL OVER, I’m really into pastels at the moment (I think it’s because I’m craving sun and happy springtime, less of the rain and flooding!)

I do have to apologise in advance for the shaky-looking application, I’ve been having real trouble with my joints for the last 2 weeks or so and last night my right elbow flared right up and I could barely hold the cap for the pain (but you know me… I’m dedicated to the essential cause of swatching!!) Now that the violins have stopped playing, let’s get to the pics!

As there was some sun today, yay, I took some shots in the sun, and others out of the sun, since the effect is quite different!

Barry M Heather Silk Nail Effect

Barry M Heather Silk Nail Effect (2)

Barry M Heather Silk Nail Effect (3)

Barry M Heather Silk Nail Effect (4)

Barry M Heather Silk Nail Effect macroHeather is a beautiful pale lilac with silvery shimmer, bordering on a frost but slightly too much shimmer for that! It has a lovely cushiony quality to it (does that make sense? It makes me think of cushions and pillows and soft things!) it almost looks like you could squish it, like a marshmallow! You know, when you split a marshmallow in half and it’s all satiny and shiny and pearly (okay they say, she’s really lost the plot now…). It looks lilac in some lights, and very pinky in others. Very pretty. Very moi.


The photos show 2 thick coats, at full opacity. I had a little trouble applying this evenly as it was a teensy bit on the thick side (and, as you know, because of my troublesome elbow), but it was nothing I couldn’t resolve with topcoat. I found this took a tiny bit longer than usual to dry, which can be the case with thick, dense shimmers, and as I was pretty tired and wanting bed I finished with a quick-dry topcoat. However, left to it’s own devices it dries to a soft, satiny finish; not mega shiny, but not quite matte. It’s really quite beautiful. For swatches of this finish, AJ of Nail Lacquer swatched the whole collection (and I actually bought Heather from her, so thank’s, AJ! 🙂 ). I noticed some people have said the polish will not hide imperfections, but I have to say I had no problems until it came to photographing, where I can now see the dented part of my index nail, which wasn’t visible in person. Finally a tip for application: make sure you apply in straight, even strokes, otherwise it can show brushstrokes, and try not to go over the same place twice to avoid dragging.

Heather was released in Superdrug instore yesterday, where I believe there is currently an offer on! :). It will be in Boots on the 19th February, costing £3.99 per bottle.

You know me – I do love a pretty pale purple. This reminds me of one of my very favourites – Beauty Without Cruelty Heather Mist (similarly named!). This may be a contender!