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Barry M Glitterati Nail Paints - Imagination In Colour

Barry M Glitterati Nail Paints

Hello lovelies! Today I have an exciting post to show you. Barry M have brought out a flurry of Nail Paints of various ‘effects’ – and I managed to sneak a trip to Superdrug on Saturday so that I could show you some of their offerings! The range I was most excited about is the new Glitterati selection. As my Superdrug had unfortunately ran out of Fashion Icon (purple) and Starlet (pink), I only have four of the six available to show you today, but rest assured as soon as I can get my hands on the other two I will be putting them up on the blog!

The four I have to show you today are: Rockstar, Socialite, Catwalk Queen and VIP. These polishes all contain both iridescent and holographic glitters so they promise to be pretty beautiful on the nail! Let’s get into the pictures.

Barry M Rockstar Glitterati

Barry M Rockstar GlitteratiRockstar Glitterati

This is a gorgeous grey jelly base jam-packed with iridescent glitters (I can see green-orange, blue-green, purple/pink-blue, etc), as well as tiny holographic glitters which catch the light beautifully too. I can’t honestly tell you how much I adore this – I thought I’d put my favourite first. If you have this already you will know what I mean. There’s a hidden pinky shimmer too which isn’t easily seen in photos.

Rockstar is a tiny bit thick, but not unworkable. You could resolve the thickness with some thinner (I used Orly thinner). It’s perfectly opaque in 2 thick-ish coats, and it dries quickly enough as long as you leave a couple of minutes between coats. It dries to a highly reflective finish, so it seems almost glossy. It’s fairly smooth but a little bumpy so for the full effect I would recommend using a topcoat – as shown in my pictures.

Barry M Socialite Glitterati

Barry M Socialite Glitterati

Socialite Glitterati

This is a beautiful pinky-lilac jelly base, filled with iridescent pink-blue shimmer and glitter, as well as tiny holographic glitter too. It’s the perfect combination and is soooo girly and glittery! I love this.

This polish was quite thick on application (I’d definitely recommend using a thinner) – which made it a little patchy. I’m sure that won’t be a problem post-thinner though. It was totally opaque at 2 coats as shown. It dries quickly (again provided you leave enough time between coats) and to a slightly dull but exceptionally reflective finish. Slightly bumpy. I’d recommend using a topcoat for full effect.

Barry M Catwalk Queen

Barry M Catwalk Queen

Catwalk Queen Glitterati

This is just the perfect mermaid’s tail nail polish – I’ve never seen anything quite like it but it seems like it should always have existed! I am super excited about this one. So so pretty. It’s a light greeny-blue jelly base, packed with green/blue shimmer, iridescent glitters (green-blue, purple-blue and green-orange), as well as the tiny holographic glitter. It’s just stunning. I think this is a close second favourite for me.

Catwalk Queen is a little more sheer than the others – on my short nails it’s opaque at 2 coats but I think for longer nails you will need 3. It’s quite thin in the bottle which is great. It applies evenly and dries quickly (again as long as you leave enough time between coats). It dries to a very reflective finish – quite glossy, although I’d still recommend a topcoat for the full effect.

Barry M VIP

Barry M VIPVIP Glitterati

Ahhh, this is SO what OPI Last Friday Night should have been! It’s a lovely medium blue – the jelly base colour is very close to OPI LFN (hence the reference!), although a little brighter. Again, it’s full of blue shimmer, iridescent glitter and tiny holo glitter. It’s stunning!

This one was the thickest for me, which resulted in a fair bit of streaking, but again I think this can be easily remedied with some thinner. It’s otherwise great; dries quickly (with time between coats), to a lovely reflective finish, but best seen with topcoat. Opaque at 2 coats as long as you’re careful to cover any bald patches.


I am SO!!! excited about these nail polishes. I feel like glitter hasn’t really been having a great time lately, but Barry M have brought it swooping back. These remind me of the Zoya Bubbly collection – but better. If I had to choose favourites it would be Rockstar and Catwalk Queen, but I love all four, and I’m excited to find and try the other two out!

The beauty of these nail polishes is that they are very versatile; they are sheer enough to be layered over a colour of your choice, but opaque enough to be worn alone. Polish perfection in my mind!

The Glitterati collection is available in Superdrug now, in Boots from 1st October and at Barrym.com from now. They are £3.99 each. At the moment they are on offer in Superdrug – spend £7 on Barry M and get a free Showgirl mascara. Shamefully I managed to spend enough on the new polishes that I got 4 free Showgirl mascaras…!!

Let me know what you think of these… I’m utterly, totally in love with them 😮