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Barry M Birthday for Superdrug - Imagination In Colour

Barry M Birthday for Superdrug

Hey girlies! (And boys!) Sorry I missed one or two nights this week, time just seems to go so quickly and before I know it it’s 10pm and I’ve only got an hour before bed! Hope you’re all well. Today I have a super fun polish to show you, and it’s limited edition so eyeballs open please! 😉

Our beloved Superdrug (a UK drugstore for anyone reading outside the UK) is 50 years old this week, and quite a few brands have stepped up and produced a product in honour of Superdrug’s 50th Birthday! Barry M Birthday is one such product and I don’t think I’ve seen a polish more suited to parties and birthdays than this one! It’s girly, fun, glittery… what’s not to love?!




Barry-M-Birthday-Superdrug-5Barry-M-Birthday-Superdrug-4This is quite simply a party in a bottle. It’s essentially a bright pink jelly full of pink shimmer, then packed up with lilac and pink metallic hexagonal glitter and matte white hexagonal glitter. These are all in different sizes, which makes it a total glitterbomb. It really makes me think of indies because highstreet brands just don’t ever do polishes like this, but I love it! The colours work so well together and it’s just so fun!


As I warily studied this in the bottle I’d already pre-conceived that it would be thick and tricky to apply. However I was pleasantly surprised; application was easy and the nail varnish really wasn’t thick at all. It’s immensely glitter-dense so take care to brush gently so as to allow them to spread across the nail and not all gather with the brush, as the brush can drag them. It’s totally opaque at 2 coats. It dries pretty quickly, which is another thing I wasn’t expecting! It does dry slightly dull and bumpy, and this will take a thick topcoat or a couple of coats of regular topcoat to get it looking and feeling totally smooth, which is my only criticism.

I feel like over time as more air gets into the bottle this will thicken, so what I’d personally do is either use a thinner, or just layer one coat of Birthday over a similar pink – the glitter is so prevalent that you’ll still have the same effect.

This nail varnish was released yesterday in Superdrug, and is available for a very affordable £2.99 – it’s too good to miss! Remember it’s Limited Edition too so make sure you grab it while you can! All Barry M products are on 3 for 2 currently in Superdrug too so don’t miss out 🙂

What do you think? It’s not the average offering from Barry M but I am super excited to see them branching out 😀