Valentines Inspired Nail Art with JustMyLook

Hello there! I really am spoiling you lot with blog posts this week aren’t I 😉 Haha. All of a sudden I’ve had a flurry of PR requests & samples, which is actually a good thing as it makes me more accountable and motivates me well so… we all benefit I think.

Anyway! I was kindly sent three nail polishes by JustMyLook, to create a Valentines Day Inspired nail design. As I’ve mentioned on here before, I’m not big on Valentines Day but I do enjoy a good seasonal manicure so here we are!

Valentines Day Nail Art

Valentines Day Nail Art

Valentines Day Nail Art

Products used:

  • Barry M Cotton Gelly (base for middle and ring fingers)
  • Morgan Taylor To Rule or Not To Rule (base for index and pinkie fingers)
  • Morgan Taylor Rare as Rubies (hearts)
  • OPI Snow Globetrotter (over white base and on gradient of index and pinkie)

How to do it:

  1. Paint your index and pinkie with Morgan Taylor To Rule or Not To Rule, and your middle and ring finger with Barry M Cotton Gelly. 2 coats of each. Leave to dry. Paint one coat of OPI Snow Globetrotter over the middle and ring fingers. (This coat doesn’t show up too well in the photos but the iridescent glitter catches the light beautifully in person!).
  2. Dab a generous blob of Morgan Taylor Rare as Rubies onto some paper. Take a cocktail stick, or thin nail art brush, and create a few heart shapes. I usually do this by making two dots about 5mm apart, and a third 5mm below and right in the middle. Then join these together to make a nice regular heart shape. Try to get some glitter in there too! (In hindsight I should perhaps have gone over this twice as the photos make it look sheer, but it looks quite dense in person!).
  3. Again blob some To Rule or Not To Rule onto paper, and taking a new cocktail brush or clean nail art brush, make tiny dots all over the ring finger. I also made a third heart on my middle finger using To Rule or Not To Rule, with the same technique as before.
  4. Take a make-up sponge, and dab a generous amount of Snow Globetrotter onto one corner. Then use this to create a gradient effect on the index and pinkie fingers. I actually ended up doing a couple of coats to make the glitter really chunky (because why not!).
  5. Finish with a generous coat of topcoat. I used Barry M Plumpy Gelly Topcoat, which worked very effectively at getting the glitter smooth.
  6. On my thumb, I actually put a white basecoat and attempted a gradient with To Rule or Not To Rule, but it didn’t turn out too well… hence why it’s not in the photos 😉 but I would probably just do a similar design to my middle finger.

Let me know what you think of this look! 🙂 And be sure to check out JustMyLook – they have a great selection of nail polishes, including OPI, Morgan Taylor, CND and gel products too. Oh, and they have free delivery on all UK orders, which is always good!!

I’m planning to do individual reviews of these nail polishes too, as they are very pretty. And I am a glitter fiend after all! In general though, the Morgan Taylors had beautiful formulas, for glitters, and dried matte but were easily smoothed out with a coat of topcoat. The OPI had a really good amount of glitter, especially for my purposes here, so I couldn’t fault the application.