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NailBox June 2015 – UK Monthly Nail Polish Subscription

Hi everyone! Do you remember a little while back when I reviewed the new nailboxΒ in April? Well they’ve been super kind, and sent me the new June box to review! If you read my previous review you’d know that I’mΒ quite a fan of this box, and the June instalment does not disappoint πŸ™‚

So if you haven’t heard of it yet, nailbox is a monthly nail polish subscription that includesΒ three or four nail colours, and one or two nail tools or treatments. It’s currently the only mainstream monthly nail polish subscription box in the UK, and so far they’ve been doing great with the selections included (in my books anyway!)

This box will be dispatched on 21st June, so you still have a little time to order but stocks are limited, apparently!

Nailbox June 2015

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Models Own Pro Limited Edition – Swan Lake

By the time you’re reading this I will *hopefully* be on the lovely island of North Uist, Scotland πŸ™‚ as it turns out I’m a crap blogger and never managed to get round to the scheduled posts and I don’t get how to do the whole guest blogging thing. Well anyway, who knows, I may even have 3G connection on North Uist. It’s weird writing this while trying to keep in mind that you’ll be reading it next week. It is, by the way, currently Thursday 28th July. Anywho, I’m very sorry to be disappointing but I thought I’d break up those long 2 weeks away with this post.

Enter Swan Lake!

If you look at the bottle in the photo below, this was not what I paid Β£8 for at 3 coats!!!
As you can hopefully see, the bottle colour is *very* misleading, I was expecting a lovely taupe-y shimmer. Nevertheless it inspired this gradient mani.
I have to say, it does have a lovely unique finish even despite the sheerness. You know when you look into a lake or into the sea in the sun and it glistens in a lovely fluid, silvery way? Well it’s like that. It’s beautiful. Still I was disappointed with the price!
Anyway, layered over the top of other colours it looks absolutely beautiful. It dries quickly, and is fairly easy to control. I’m not a fan of the square lid, it doesn’t hinder the application too much but for a ‘Pro’ polish you would expect something a little easier to work with. The glittery shimmer spreads evenly across the nail so that isn’t a bother.
Overall I have very mixed feelings about this polish. For my first Models Own Pro polish, for the price, I can’t say I’m that impressed. However, the glistening effect of the polish has won my heart over. Just beware of this one if you were expecting a more opaque colour. Personally I would expect at least a hint of the taupey brown jelly base on the naked nail but apparently not – I only saw this when it was put over the Barry M Matt White!
Hope you are all well, and I’ll be back in a week!
Emma xxx
Disclaimer: Everything mentioned in this blog post was either bought by myself with my own money, or given to me as a gift from friends/relatives. All opinions expressed here are my own.

Sparkly City Nails!

I wore GOSH’s Midnight Blue (a slightly darker version of Nails Inc. Chandos Place) with my prom dressfor my cousin’s wedding party last weekend, which was absolutely lovely and so nice to have all my family together in one place after so long πŸ™‚ The next day, after 3 days of wear, Midnight Blue was starting to show some tipwear so I decided to brighten it up a bit with LOTS of glitter!

So basically I had 2 coats of Midnight Blue, then I added 1 coat of Petticoat Lane to give the pink glitter, and then 1 coat of Starry Silver Glitter to add the holographic glitter and blue and pink hexagonal glitter pieces πŸ˜€
It’s so hard to capture the true glittery beauty of this, but the glitter really doesn’t look as stark as the photos make out. To me it reminded me of when you look out over London late at night, with all the beautiful multicoloured lights. Just missing the London Eye πŸ˜‰ they also reminded me of fireworks. I love love loved wearing this manicure πŸ˜€
Hope you’re all doing well, it was my birthday yesterday so I’ll probably be having a birthday post coming up soon, I got some amazing gifts (not all nail polish! haha) and I had a lovely time today spending some of my birthday money. I also bought some fabulous makeup brushes, so look out for a review of them πŸ˜‰
My GlossyBox arrived early yesterday morning, which was an amazing birthday treat, as I’m sure all of you will have heard by now, this month’s box was amazing! I personally have loved all of the boxes so far, but I know that a lot of people have unsubscribed after receiving a Batiste can, which frankly didn’t bother me because really, compared with the prices of the other things in the box, they really made up for it! But never mind. I just find it a shame to see all the bitching about such a young company on Twitter. It’s true social networking can really make or break a company πŸ™ Anyhoo, see you all soon my bloggy friends πŸ™‚
Emma xxx
Disclaimer: Everything mentioned in this blog post was either bought by myself with my own money, or given to me as a gift from friends/relatives. All opinions expressed here are my own.

Missguided x Cosmopolitan Freebie – Misstique

Finally I’m back! Basically my camera connecting lead broke so I couldn’t upload any photos, sorry guys πŸ™ Anyway, I have another lovely Cosmo freebie today, one of the three different colours available πŸ™‚ The other day I showed you the bright orange, Misstaken, and today I have a beautiful aquamariney teal colour – Misstique.

In sunlight.
Indoors (natural light)
Indoors πŸ™‚
This polish is good to go with one coat, two just to make sure everything’s all even and opaque. Application-wise, it was still a little slow-drying, not amazingly so, I think I’m just judgemental after using so many polishes that dry very fast! It’s not a problem, just one that you’ll need to sit down for 20 minutes to let it fully dry before doing any dent-worthy activities. Also the polish drags a little, so if you just load the brush with plenty of polish (more than you would usually use) then it will glide on more easily.
Misstique dries with a lovely high shine, and really dazzles in the sunlight. I’ve been looking for a polish this colour since forever, because (don’t hate me) I just think that pure turquoises need more green to be flattering on my skin tone! I absolutely love this colour.
Also, looking at the photos, it looks a little similar to Boots 17 Wave, so I thought I’d do a little bottle comparison for you πŸ™‚ I included Nails Inc. Electric Teal to show a true teal for comparison too πŸ™‚
As you can (hopefully) see, Misstique is a lot brighter than Wave, which is more muted.
Once again, Cosmopolitan is Β£3.50, which is pretty good going for a 13ml polish which would ordinarily cost Β£5 plus P&P; online at Missguided! So if you’ve been looking for a turquoise aquamariney colour, a bright orange or a hot coral then look no further πŸ˜‰ and again, Cosmopolitan have included a ‘chequebook’ which includes discount codes and competitions etc., including discounts for NYX and Nfu-Oh! πŸ™‚
Hope you’re all doing well, sorry for my heeeuuuge absence. I’m seeing Jason Manford with Andy tonight, then waking up ultra early tomorrow morning to get to the train station to go up to Keighley for my cousin’s wedding party, so I’m very excited at the mo! Let me know your thoughts on this polish if you’ve picked it up too.
Emma xxx
Disclaimer: Everything mentioned in this blog post was either bought by myself with my own money, or given to me as a gift from friends/relatives. All opinions expressed here are my own.

Flower Nails :)

The product of revision-induced misery.
What I used:
Nails Inc. Fashion Fawn (base)
Nails Inc. Chester Place (dark pink)
GOSH 571 Wild Lilac (dark lilac)
Barry M 308 Berry Ice Cream (pale lilac)
Barry M 309 Strawberry Ice Cream (pale pink)
Rio Nail Art Pen Green
Cocktail sticks to poke the polishes into one another to create a more 3D effect (which failed) but generally to make the colours merge a bit since neatness seems not to be my fortΓ©.
On an irritated note Blogger still isn’t working for me – on the Dashboard it claims I’m not following any blogs where in reality I’m following about 200… so basically I can’t see your updates πŸ™ I’ve contacted Blogger but to no avail, woe is me πŸ™
Emma xxx
Disclaimer: Everything mentioned in this blog post was either bought by myself with my own money, or given to me as a gift from friends/relatives. All opinions expressed here are my own.