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Hairy Legs London Rainbow Troll

I’ve spent the last few days attending interviews and generally wearing office-friendly nail polish, so today it was high time I injected some colour into my life! It came in the form of Hairy Legs London Rainbow Troll. This polish is normally not something I’d choose for myself, Sanita who owns Hairy Legs London added it in as an extra when Royal Mail played up with the postage of Tainted Love (so kind of her!) and to my surprise, I ended up loving it!

You may be old enough to remember the little troll dolls of the 90s, and apparently the 60s, 70s and 80s too (I never knew they existed before the 90s until I did a little reading!) I personally never collected them but around about 90% of my friends were OBSESSED with them! Rainbow Troll is apparently inspired by the Russ Good Luck Rainbow Troll. I’ve Googled it excessively and it still comes up with troll dolls so I *think* that is what they are, hehe! Please correct me if I’m wrong!

Hairy Legs London Rainbow Troll UK Indie Handmade nail polish yellow circle glitter iridescent blue neon pink green blue bar glitter review swatch swatches blog
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Hairy Legs London Tainted Love

Hey everyone! I’m trying to make some headway with my ever-growing UK indie stash, so here is a pretty polish that’s been left untried for a while. I’m not sure I chose the right underwear for it but it certainly made for an interesting manicure! It did look much nicer in person, honestly! 🙂

This is Tainted Love, from Hairy Legs London – a brand I fell in love with from the moment I read the name. So quirky and funky! But in all seriousness, there are some amazingly unique polishes in the shop – well worth a browse!

Hairy Legs London Tainted Love UK Indie nail polish glitter handmade circle heart bar black pink holographic holo red iridescent blue review swatch swatches nail blog max factor moondust
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