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Barry M Gelly Collection Spring 2015 Swatches, Review & Comparisons

Hey there! So I promised (stupidly) to get this post up last night, but had an unexpected visit from my mum’s partner – which was lovely! – but I ran out of time to write this review unfortunately. So I hope you will accept my profuse apologies 🙂

Today I have the new Barry M Spring 2015 Gelly Nail Paint collection to show you (thanks to the PR team at Barry M for sending me these to review 🙂 ). I am loving that the Gelly line has taken off, so much so that we are still seeing releases nearly 3 years after the first Gellies came out. Happy happy. I loved them back then, and I am still loving them now! Barry M have brought out some lovely spring shades this time – only three, but all are great staple shades.

As always I have swatched a couple of similar-looking shades to compare with the colours, so that you can be sure you aren’t buying dupes!

As an aside – I muchly apologise for my fingers looking oily, I have been religiously applying cuticle oil the last few days, since I dried my skin out big time using soak-off gels. Sorry!

Barry M Cotton Gelly
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Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Collection – Swatches, Review & Comparisons

Hello! I have a treat for you today 🙂 it comes in the form of a new, 9-strong Barry M collection. Yep – nine – so this is going to be a looooong post! Barry M were kind enough to send me the full collection. As always, I’ve included comparisons with other Barry M nail paints, so grab a cuppa and settle in 🙂

The new collection is the “Speedy Nail Paint Collection” for Spring 2015. So-called because the nail polishes are quick-dry colours. Rather aptly for spring, they are all pastel colours (or muted variations of brights!).

I do love themed packaging, and this collection doesn’t disappoint! The caps are Speedway flag-style checkerboard black and white – and incredibly eye-catching.

Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Collection
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Barry M Gelly Autumn/Winter Collection 2014 Review, Swatches & Comparisons

Hey everyone! So yesterday I was excited to receive a surprise package from Barry M, and it contained the Autumn/Winter Gelly Collection to review! I hadn’t heard anything about these before yesterday so I wasn’t sure what to expect. There are six polishes in total – Chai, Cardamom, Chilli, Mustard, Cocoa and Parprika. Safe to say, these are all very autumnal colours (and names!) and it contains a good few I wouldn’t normally wear but having swatched them, I’ve really warmed up to them and can’t wait to wear them this coming Autumn! The names have sold me – I love my spices.

The last couple of collection posts I’ve done have received great feedback and it seems a lot of you like the comparisons, so I’ve done a few more this time on the ones that seemed potentially dupe-able. So grab a drink of your choice because it’s a wee bit of a long one!

Barry M Autumn Winter Gelly Collection
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Barry M Summer Matte Collection

Hello everyone! An exciting package arrived in the post on Friday – I wasn’t expecting anything so I was super happy to see that Barry M had sent me the new Summer Matte collection to show you all! They sent me some other bits and bobs which I’ll be showing you in the coming days so keep an eye out! 😉

I’m the first to admit that I wasn’t a massive fan of the first Matte collection by Barry M, as the neutral-ish colours were very clashy with my skin tone (with the exception of Vanilla) and I found them all to be very thick. So I was intrigued to try these to see if the formula would be better… and if they would look nicer on me! So – grab a tea or coffee for this one, there are six shades and I’ve included two comparisons too 🙂

Barry M Matte Nail Paint Collection
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Barry M Gelly Summer 2014 Collection Review, Swatches & Comparisons

Hello everyone! I am beyond excited to be bringing you this post today… it’s taken a LOT of prep so I hope you enjoy it :D. Barry M are releasing a brand new Summer 2014 collection of their Gelly Hi-Shine range, which consists of 7 new shades. If you haven’t heard of the Barry M Gelly Nail Paints yet, they are a gel-effect polish which have in general had great formulas and longevity from past collections. I am a massive fan of the Gelly range myself – being the slight addict that I am I have them all…!

As a pre-warning, this post will definitely be a long one as I’ve done some comparisons too, by popular request, so make sure you grab a cuppa!! 🙂

This new line-up is an interesting one – it feels half summery, and the other half are kind of all-year-round polishes. They don’t seem to really ‘go together’ as a collection but I am all for interesting colours! I am well-known for wearing my neons in the middle of the Christmas seasons so I’ll say no more! 😀

Barry M Coconut Gelly
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