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Barry M Christmas 2014 Boots Limited Edition Nail Paint – Swatches & Review

It’s that time of year again, and Barry M have once again brought out two beautiful Christmas glitters for Boots. These could actually pass for Halloween/Bonfire Night polishes I think, given that their names (Starlight and Moonlight) are very suited to those festivities!

I have to confess, when I picked mine up in Boots my initial thoughts were that they looked very similar, however as you will see below, they are quite different. Both have large glitter shapes in which is a big YES in my books! 🙂

Barry M Starlight Glitter Boots 2014 Christmas
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Barry M Classic Nail Paints – Swatches and Review

Hello everyone! Today I have three simple but beautiful Barry M Nail Paints to show you. These have been released as part of their core line I believe, and as the name suggests (Classic Nail Paints), they are all very classic, timeless colours that flatter and complement without standing out.

These also make the perfect base colours for clear glitter toppers, and also for stamping because they are simple and understated and allow to topper to take centre stage.

Barry M Nightshade Classic Colours
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Barry M Glitterati Nail Paints

Hello lovelies! Today I have an exciting post to show you. Barry M have brought out a flurry of Nail Paints of various ‘effects’ – and I managed to sneak a trip to Superdrug on Saturday so that I could show you some of their offerings! The range I was most excited about is the new Glitterati selection. As my Superdrug had unfortunately ran out of Fashion Icon (purple) and Starlet (pink), I only have four of the six available to show you today, but rest assured as soon as I can get my hands on the other two I will be putting them up on the blog!

The four I have to show you today are: Rockstar, Socialite, Catwalk Queen and VIP. These polishes all contain both iridescent and holographic glitters so they promise to be pretty beautiful on the nail! Let’s get into the pictures.

Barry M Rockstar Glitterati
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Barry M Gelly Autumn/Winter Collection 2014 Review, Swatches & Comparisons

Hey everyone! So yesterday I was excited to receive a surprise package from Barry M, and it contained the Autumn/Winter Gelly Collection to review! I hadn’t heard anything about these before yesterday so I wasn’t sure what to expect. There are six polishes in total – Chai, Cardamom, Chilli, Mustard, Cocoa and Parprika. Safe to say, these are all very autumnal colours (and names!) and it contains a good few I wouldn’t normally wear but having swatched them, I’ve really warmed up to them and can’t wait to wear them this coming Autumn! The names have sold me – I love my spices.

The last couple of collection posts I’ve done have received great feedback and it seems a lot of you like the comparisons, so I’ve done a few more this time on the ones that seemed potentially dupe-able. So grab a drink of your choice because it’s a wee bit of a long one!

Barry M Autumn Winter Gelly Collection
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Barry M Cor Balmy! Collection

Hey girlies! As I mentioned in my May Favourites video, I’m trying to branch out a bit more on the content of my blog. Barry M have given me the perfect opportunity to do so by sending me some of their new lip products – the first of which I will be showing you today; the Cor Balmy! Tinted Lip Balm 🙂

Now these lip balms do bear a striking resemblance to the Maybelline Baby Lips, from the packaging, with the big bold font, down to the nature of the product – a wash of colour in a lip balm. The Barry M Cor Balmy balms do have a white core, which apparently contains shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamins for moisturising your lips.

Barry M’s press release states that these give a hint of colour and can be built up or left subtle. They are also lightly scented (I do love me a scented lip balm!!)

Barry M Cor Balmy! Tinted Lip Balm

Left to right: Jam Jar, Trouble & Strife, Adam & Eve, Currant Bun, Rosie Lea.
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