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Barry M Crystal Glaze

Hey all 🙂 I’ve got a super super pretty flakie to show you! I’ve always loved flakies but lately I’ve started to feel like all the supposedly ‘new’ flakies are just reproductions of previous ones (for example, Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, GOSH Rainbow, Color Club Snow Flakes, Nubar 2010, Essie Shine of the Times… etc.). Even the Zoya flakies weren’t altogether original, and the Nails Inc ones certainly weren’t. So I’m happy to report that Crystal Glaze is probably the most original one I’ve yet seen 🙂 with the possible exception of the (pricey and hard-to-get) Nfu-Ohs :).

As always, flakies are best used as a topper, especially over darker colours as the colours of the flakes will really pop against the dark background. I used 2 coats of the new Barry M Berry Cosmo as my ‘underwear’ :).

Barry M Crystal Glaze Flakie shards topper topcoat glitter multicoloured green blue purple pink orange yellow berry cosmo nail polish paint uk blog review swatch swatches
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Barry M Autumn/Winter 2013 Press Release

It’s been a little while since Barry M have brought out some new products (not that I can fault them on that front – they have been really spoiling us the last couple of years!) so I am super excited to bring you this press release. I mean, SUPER EXCITED! Some of the polishes look super cool – while not necessarily unique or new ideas, they have the Barry M twist that makes them special 🙂

I am also really looking forward to the makeup products – I’m particularly into my eye makeup so I am pleased to see a couple of palettes becoming available as I always felt the Barry M line was missing them. I am also OVERLY excited about the new mascara… I have repurchased several of the original Lash Vegas Mascara which is honestly the best mascara I have yet used – the only way I felt it could be improved is by making a waterproof version… and lo and behold…!

Lash Vegas Mascara in Waterproof – £6.49

Lash Vegas & Wand Waterproof edited Barry M says: For EXTRA LARGE showgirl lashes search no further than LASH VEGAS! Its spiral shaped brush has been designed to separate, define & reach the smallest of lashes for show-stopping volume. Now available in waterproof.   

Dying! to try this 🙂 I’ve honestly never had another mascara make my lashes seem so long, full and thick. As someone with hayfever I do really need a waterproof mascara to protect my makeup from my streaming eyes lol!
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Barry M Blue Grape Gelly

Hey everyone, sorry I’ve been a bit quiet on here for a little while, work is just so busy and somehow I have no time for anything other than eating sleeping and recovering from all the loooong shifts! I really need to get the work/life balance back in check. Currently my Andy is in A+E with chest pains and I can’t get there and I’m super worried so I’m writing this blog post to keep myself busy with something  l love.

Very soon Barry M will be releasing all 5 of their new Gelly Nail Paints – Blue Grape, Guava, Mango, Key Lime and Passion Fruit – on June 5th in Superdrug, and June 12th in BootsWhen the first images of Blue Grape came out I think everyone had it billed for a Nails Inc Baker Street dupe –  I don’t have Baker Street myself but from online swatches I think it’s a tad darker but every bit as bright and gorgeous, and obviously around a 3rd of the price at just £3.99. It’s beautiful, honestly one of my favourite blues ever and I’ve worn this about 3 times already which is saying quite a lot!!

Barry M Blue Grape Gelly nail paint bright cobalt blue jelly nails inc baker street dupe polish review swatch swatches uk blog
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Barry M Guava Gelly

Here is post #2 of the new Barry M Gelly Nail Paints – today I am showing you Guava, a super gorgeous bright teal. The new collection consists of: Mango, Guava, Key Lime, Blue Grape and Passion Fruit. These will be being released on June 5th in Superdrug, and June 12th in Boots

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know how much I love my blues and greens… what could be better than a lovely bright teal 🙂 This polish was difficult to photograph, so apologies for using the flash in some of them, for some reason it was the only way I could get a colour-accurate shot.

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Barry M Mango Gelly

It’s taken me a little while to get these swatches of the new Barry M Gelly Nail Paints up; unfortunately a bank holiday weekend at the pub means I’ve been working from 11am til around midnight most days since I received them which has left barely any time to eat and sleep let alone test out new polishes! But I’m on my day off now so I’m getting on top of it! 😛

Barry M will be releasing 5 new Gelly Nail Paints on June 5th in Superdrug, and June 12th in BootsThe new shades are: Mango, Blue Grape, Key Lime, Passion Fruit and Guava. Today I have Mango to show you, a bright pumpkin orange shade. My favourite thing about this polish is that it’s the first true orange nail polish I own that is actually completely opaque… yes, really!

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