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Yellow, Is It Me You’re Looking For? – Rainbow Series

Hey there everyone 🙂 today is week four of mine and Charlie‘s Rainbow Series! In this collaboration we show a different colour each week, and this week is yellow. I have to admit, yellow is a colour seriously lacking in my collection, mostly because it looks pretty terrible against my skin! The reason why the majority of my favourites that I’ve picked out are Barry M polishes, is because I have collected pretty much the entire line of Barry Ms and more, so naturally I have a few of their yellows!

I feel like I’m cheating a bit with these favourites, because in all honesty I only have seven yellows in total, and I’ve picked out 5 faves! Oh well. I do really quite like these ones, mostly on other people though 😉

Yellow Nail Art
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Barry M Lady – Textured Nail Effects

Press Sample

Hey pretty ladies ^.^ I have a beautiful Barry M Textured polish to show you today 🙂 I feel a bit bad, I’ve worn this about four times since I was sent it, but never managed to get photos of it when I was working 9am til midnight – not enough daylight in that time!

This is one of my favourite textured polishes, it’s so so delicate and pretty! My photos don’t quite do this polish justice – it’s quite hard to capture the beautiful iridescent sparkles. I think if you struggle to wear white because it makes your hands look red, this polish is the perfect solution. It’s not as stark as pure white polish and the added sparkle really helps to keep the tone of your hands looking natural.

Barry M Textured Lady white glitter iridescent liquid sand pixie dust royal glitters collection uk nail polish blog swatch swatches review
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Barry M Countess – Textured Nail Effects

Here is the second of five new Textured Effects from Barry M. The Royal Glitters Collection consists of: Princess, Countess, Majesty, Lady, and Duchess. This new collection is very similar in effect to OPI’s Liquid Sands and Zoya’s Pixie Dusts, which personally I much prefer to the first four Textured Effects Barry M released.

Today I am showing you Countess; a deep aubergine purple base filled with golden and rosy pink shimmers/glitters (I am never quite sure with the Textured Effects whether it’s shimmer or glitter!). Anyway, it’s super pretty, really vampy but with an attractive sparkle – it’s perfect for winter parties or a warm autumn outfit.

Barry M Countess Textured effect royal glitters collection royals liquid sand glitter aubergine eggplant dark purple gold pink shimmer dark vampy autumn fall blog uk nail polish review swatch swatches
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Barry M Princess – Textured Nail Effects

Barry M have released some AWESOME new Textured Nail Effects – this new collection is very similar in effect to OPI’s Liquid Sands and Zoya’s Pixie Dusts. It’s called The Royal Glitter Collection, and consists of 5 colours: Duchess, Princess, Majesty, Lady, and Countess. Today I have Princess to show you… my very favourite of the five, it’s a beautiful golden peach colour but in glitter form! I feel like if Models Own Tropical Sun was made into a textured polish, Princess would be it :).

I have to confess, I initially wasn’t too keen on the ‘textured effect’ polishes… I found the first 4 Barry M Textured Effects to be a bit love or hate, but lots of ogling of OPI’s and Zoya’s takes on texture has won me over. I love this frosted glitter appearance – it makes me think of sugar coated cocktail glasses.

Barry M Princess Textured effect royal glitters collection royals liquid sand glitter peach pink golden jinx sparkle nail polish paint uk blog review swatch swatches
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Barry M Station Road

Here is the fourth and final textured polish in the new collection being released by Barry M, consisting of: Ridley RoadKingsland Road, Atlantic Road and Station Road, as part of the Spring 2013 release.

Station Road is probably my least favourite, although I do like it (which is saying something as I don’t much like yellow polish!) – I loved the golden yellow shimmer in the bottle but unfortunately it doesn’t really show up on the nail.

Barry M Station Road Textured nail effects paint yellow gold shimmer sparkle sand liquid opi nails inc concrete leather pastel egg yolk polish review uk nail blog swatch swatches sandpaper
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