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Stellar Nail Polish Glitter Toppers Collection - Imagination In Colour

Stellar Nail Polish Glitter Toppers Collection

Hey everyone! Hope you’re doing well 🙂 the lovely Ruth from Stellar Nail Polish has once again kindly sent me some gorgeous new nail polishes to review – this time they are glitter toppers which always gets me excited! If you remember my post on the pretty Stellar holographic collection from last month you will know I’m already a massive fan of Stellar – so let’s get started!

As always, these polishes are named after songs, and they include the artist in the title so that you know which specific song it is made in mind of (there are so many songs with the same name these days!). I love to listen to the corresponding song as I apply the polish, to really get a feel for what inspired the polish, which I think is a really nice touch.

Stellar Nail Polish Waterfalls TLC

Waterfalls (TLC)

This is one coat of Waterfalls over two coats of Picture Polish Wisteria. This was one that I expressed special preference for with Ruth – I absolutely love it!! I love minty greens as it is, and I adore satin glitter so this is perfect for me. It’s a clear base filled with minty green satin circles in two sizes, mint satin stars, white satin squares and hexagons (in several sizes) and even some iridescent glitters too – I can make out hexagons but I’m not certain, they could be squares. These are a really lovely hidden touch and my favourite aspect of this nail polish.

Application: There is quite a lot of base in this nail polish so there was a little fishing for glitter required, but not very much to be honest and it’s not something that really bothers me personally as I like to be able to place larger glitters like this anyway. The benefit of having a lot of base is that it dries really glossy and you don’t necessarily need topcoat – just be careful not to apply it too thickly – an easy way to avoid this is by applying the nail polish and using the brush to ‘mop up’ excess polish and put back in the bottle. With this in mind, how quickly it dries depends on how much you apply. A thinner coat will dry more quickly, etc.

Stellar Nail Polish Butterfly (Crazytown)

Butterfly (Crazytown)

This is shown over one coat of  Barry M Key Lime Gelly. This one is a really individual glitter topcoat – I’ve never had one made with all shape glitter and no ‘filler glitter’ (the smaller glitter that fills in the gaps between the big glitters) – It’s quite refreshing and looks a bit like nail art, I was pleasantly surprised by this and I really like it! It’s got several different colours of holographic butterflies, lilac and red satin flowers (not sure if there are other colours of these) and I even managed to get a red satin heart which was a cute surprise!

Application: This polish will definitely need a bit of fishing. As is always the case with large glitters – they are hard to pick up on a normal brushload. My tip is to collect them all on the lip of the bottle so that you can place them how you like, with a gloss of the clear base to stick them down 🙂 This way you can place them wherever you like! Same tips as in Waterfall applies where the thickness of the coats affects dry time. The benefit of the glossy base is that you won’t need topcoat to seal the glitters in.

Stellar Nail Polish Mmm Bop (Hanson)

Mmm Bop (Hanson)

This is one coat of Mmm Bop over a Kelly Brook nail polish. This is a clear base, filled with two sizes of fuchsia pink metallic circles, and giant silver holographic and turquoise holographic circles. You know how I love my circle glitters – I really love this too, and I really like the colour combination 🙂

Application: This one also took a little dabbing and fishing, but again that’s only to be expected with giant glitters. Again I would recommend using the brush to get rid of excess polish from the nail. I always like to be able to place my circle glitters so I gathered these all on the lip, as mentioned before, to be able to place them separately. Again you won’t need a topcoat as the base is really glossy, and the same rule of thumb applies with thickness affecting dry time.

Stellar Nail Polish Enter Sandman Metallica

Stellar Nail Polish Enter Sandman Metallica

Enter Sandman (Metallica)

This is two coats of Enter Sandman over one coat of China Glaze Fancy Pants, and two coats of Rimmel Black Cab in the 2nd photo. This one is my favourite… I always love iridescent nail polishes and I had to show you how amazing this one looks over black. I’m not even going to begin to try and explain all the different iridescent colours going on here, but this polish is packed with them! It reminds me of broken shells. It also has silver moons and hearts, which I think works really well with the glittery base and makes a great accent to the nail. A little-known fact about me is that I love Metallica; I went to see them in 2008 at the O2 and had a blast 🙂

Application:  This one applies super easily, the density of glitter is perfect and flows evenly across the nail. I did have to fish a little bit for the hearts and moons but as before that’s only to be expected really. This one dries relatively quickly and to a semi-matte finish – a topcoat makes it come alive!

My two favourite of these are definitely Enter Sandman (Metallica) and Waterfalls (TLC) but I love the other two too 🙂 These are available in 10ml bottles from Stellar Nail Polish, for £6 each.

Let me know what you think of these, and which is your favourite!