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Scarlet Tiaras Handmade Headbands - Imagination In Colour

Scarlet Tiaras Handmade Headbands

Hello everyone! I have a bit of a different post for you today. As I’ve mentioned a couple of times before, I’ve been craving a change on my blog. It’s funny that while this is my creative outlet, I’ve removed so much of the imagination from it by having a template style for how I review nail polish, and while I don’t want to stop that, it begins to feel a little bit like a task more than it does a pleasure. Which is why I’m going to start doing a few more lifestyle-type posts, in amongst all the nail polish ones, and we’ll see how that goes 🙂

A few weeks ago I was feeling a little bored with my hair – I’m not one for big flower crowns or other hair pieces, but I fancied something to jazz it up a little. I decided it needed to be an Alice band, and the search began for a white beaded headband. Highstreet shops held nothing for me, so I turned to Etsy (where dreams come true!)  to see what the hand-makers of the internet had to offer.

There I found Scarlet Tiaras and I stumbled upon exactly what I was searching for! The prices were so affordable that a second headband fell into my basket – my order totalled £12.20 which I think is pretty good for these! Observe:

Handmade alice headband

Headband silver

This is the Beaded Silver Headband (currently on sale at £3.50!!)

This alice band has a pretty mixture of pearl, textured, glass and matte beads which looks pretty awesome in my opinion! I love the colour mixture of mint green, white, silver and smoky quartz too.

Headband purple

This is the Beaded Purple Headband, which is now unfortunately out of stock.

I love the combinations of the beads, and the different shapes and sizes, and I particularly like the way the glass beads on the purple alice band catch the light. I think it looks great with dark hair, and probably blonde hair too. For redder hair I’d choose a green band like this one.

Handmade alice bandThe headband is a thin silver horseshoe, around which the beads are threaded onto a wire and wound around. I did find (on my big head!) that the headband did start to dig in behind my ears after about 5hrs of wearing it, so I probably wouldn’t wear it for a full day, more daytime or evening rather than both. If it was something that bothered me I could easily fashion some kind of cushioning on it to relieve the pressure.

My favourite thing about these headbands is their uniqueness – I always feel there is something special about a handmade item.

The Scarlet Tiaras Etsy store is well worth a look, two things have caught my eye while writing this blogpost – the cute cat and bunny ear headbands and the Dark Green Bow Headband (one of a kind!).

I think these would also make a lovely gift too 🙂

Let me know how you feel about this kind of post (if lots of you hate it I may not do them haha!)