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Rimmel Sweetie Crush Swatches & Review - Imagination In Colour

Rimmel Sweetie Crush Swatches & Review

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Hello everyone!! So a really exciting package came through the post this morning from Rimmel 😀 it contained the new Sweetie Crush collection and the new Rita Ora collection (more on that one soon!) and this lovely little set of biscuits – a big smile was painted on my face and I got right to work!

I hadn’t heard much about the Rimmel Sweetie Crush collection before today, but I can tell you that it’s a collection of 5 gorgeous sweetie-inspired textured polishes, all in lovely Spring/Summer shades! I have to say I love the packaging too… the cute retro sweet-shop awning on the caps is just adorable!

Rimmel Sweetie Crush

Rimmel Candyfloss Cutie Sweetie Crush 009

Candyfloss Cutie
This is a lovely soft sparkly pink polish – just the colour of candyfloss! It’s a pearly base filled with sandy texture. I used to hate this kind of colour with a passion but it’s so flattering and beautiful, and I really really love this!! Especially with the added dimension of texture, it takes a slightly plain polish and makes it interesting.

Requires 2-3 coats for full opacity – the polish is nice and thin, and dries quickly, so that third coat isn’t a problem. Applies evenly. 

Rimmel Violet Swizzle Sweetie Crush 011

Violet Swizzle
Swizzles sweeties have always been a massive part of the British confectionery range – and this one particularly puts me in mind of the fizzers you can get, the little round tablet-sized sweeties that foam like sherbet in your mouth. This one is also a pearly base with texture. Beautiful colour and it’s made even more fabulous with the texture – I think this one is probably my favourite!

I’m wearing 3 coats but you could get away with 2 coats for opacity. The polish is thin, dries quickly and applies evenly.

Rimmel Sherbet Sweetheart Sweetie Crush 008

Sherbet Sweetheart
This polish is soooo perfect. It reminds me of the mega rainbow dust sherbet tubes you can buy, with all sorts of colours of sherbet inside. It’s a perfect Easter chick yellow, and it actually has small iridescent orange glitters in it too which makes it extra sparkly and beautiful. Another pearly base; I’m a massive fan of this one.

This polish takes about 3 coats for full opacity – above is two. It’s a bit on the thick side, which means you need to be careful with your application but it still dries quickly and applies evenly.

Rimmel Fizzy Applelicious Sweetie Crush 010

Fizzy Applelicious
I’m not totally sure on the inspiration behind this polish but it puts me in mind of fizzy apple belts, the thick jellyish belts covered in sour sugar… I do love them! The colour is a lovely soft spring shade, it’s very clean and fresh. Again it’s a pearly base with texture.

This one requires 3 coats for full opacity. It’s a good formula and applies evenly, and dries quickly.

Rimmel Blueberry Whizz Sweetie Crush 012

Blueberry Whizz
This one has me stumped – I have no idea what sweeties inspired this polish but I like it just the same! It’s a lovely mid-blue, pearl base again, with texture.

This polish only needs 2 coats for full opacity. It has a good formula, it applies evenly and dries quickly.

Rimmel Sweetie Crush (2)

For me, this collection actually far surpassed my expectations. Texture has had quite a while in the spotlight and so many brands seem to follow the same colour schemes… but Rimmel have really pulled it out the bag for this collection. I absolutely love the sweetie-inspired names; I have rather a sweet tooth myself and a lot of the names remind me of when in primary school you’d bring in a massive bag of Swizzles sweets on your birthday for everyone. Those were the days! 🙂

With all that aside, most of them had a fantastic formula, with the exception of Sherbet Sweetheart, but that at least had a beautiful finish to make up for it! They all sparkle madly in the sun; I had to take about a gazillion photos to get the ones I did… and all of the polishes have a pearly base which I know is largely unpopular in regular polishes, but I really think Rimmel have managed to make frosts interesting!! What do you think?

These retail at £3.99 and are available in lots of high street retailers, including Boots, Superdrug, Tesco and Asda.