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Rimmel Rita Ora Collection Review & Swatches - Imagination In Colour

Rimmel Rita Ora Collection Review & Swatches

Hey everyone! Bit of a long post today, so grab a cuppa! Rimmel were kind enough to send me the whole new Rita Ora Collection, which is super duper exciting for me!! Rimmel are always fantastic for creating staple shades which look great alone or as underwear for a glitter, so they are must-haves in my eyes, and this collection is no exception. I have to confess to not knowing a lot about Rita herself, other than that she’s a British singer songwriter with a much-envied style! She apparently created these shades and named them which is pretty cool 🙂 the names are a little risqué, but you know how I like raunchy polish names! Such fun, in the words of Miranda’s mother!

These polishes are all in the 60 seconds range, which means they should be touch dry within 60 seconds. Great if you’re in a rush, as long as it does actually dry in that time! I have to mention the packaging quickly – I just adore the pop-arty stamps on the brush handles, and I especially love the fact that the background on each stamp matches the colour of the polish in that bottle, as well as the nails on the stamps too… it’s the little things!


Rimmel Raw As Night 303

Raw As Night
This is a nice bright red jelly. Applies evenly, opaque at 2-3 coats with slight VNL in direct light, and dries quickly. The finish is glossy. A perfect red shade in my eyes!

Rimmel Oragasm 403

See what I mean with the names! This is actually the most perfect orange I think I’ve ever worn. It’s slightly red-toned, slightly, but still a perfect block orange, and it even photographs easily, which isn’t common with an orange! Being a crelly formula, it applies evenly and is totally opaque at 2 coats, beautiful formula, dries quick and finish is glossy!

Rimmel Do Not Disturb 863

Do Not Disturb
Lovely bright teal creme. This applies fairly evenly, is opaque at 2 coats, dries quickly and to a glossy finish. This one does turn your skin green when you remove it, but that washes off with soap. I would always wear a basecoat with this colour, as it’s a notorious shade for staining your nails!

Rimmel Blindfold Me Blue 823

Blindfold Me Blue
This is a really pretty bright blue creme. Applies evenly, opaque at 2 coats, dries quickly and to a glossy finish! Again I’d recommend wearing a basecoat with this, just in case!

Rimmel Don't Be Shy 323

Don’t Be Shy
A gorgeous pink creme – who doesn’t need a bright pink creme in their collection?! This one has a lovely formula, it’s opaque at 2 coats, and dries quickly to a high shine.

Rimmel Let's Get Nude 513

Let’s Get Nude
This is a semi-sheer crelly, in a yellow-toned flesh colour. I can’t work out how much I like this on my nails, because often I find nudes can be very clashy on me, but I feel like this one is really quite pretty… not sure! Application-wise it applies a tiny bit streaky, which evens out after 2 coats, but it takes 3 coats for opacity. It dries quickly and to a nice glossy shine.

Rimmel Midnight Rendezvous 613

Midnight Rendezvous
A lovely blurple creme. This is a really pretty tone actually, often I’m not a big fan of these types of colour, but I really like this. I think it would look perfect under some pink glitter! This applies evenly, is opaque at 2 coats, dries quickly and to a high shine.

Rimmel Rita Rouge 313

Rita Rouge
This is a dark, HP sauce reddy brown crelly – it’s gorgeous! I think I should have added a third coat. I did find it to be quite streaky to apply, and while it dries quickly, it does tend to drag the pigment from the previous coat, hence the patchiness in my picture. I’d ensure you leave a good few minutes between coats, and be gentle with the brush. It dries to a nice high shine and is opaque at 2-3 coats.

Rimmel Pillow Talk 853

Pillow Talk
This is a lovely baby blue polish with silver microshimmer running through it, giving it a slightly pearly finish. I found this polish to be really quite thick, and a bit streaky too – as you can see on my index and ring fingers. It takes a little more patience to apply this one than the others, but it’s worth it in the end. It dries quickly, so load up the brush with polish, because thin coats will dry so quickly that they end up dragging. It’s opaque at 2ish coats, depending on streakyness, and dries to a nice shiny finish.

Rimmel Breakfast In Bed 873

Breakfast In Bed
This is a lovely minty creme with microshimmer, as with Pillow Talk, with a slightly pearly finish. Again, this was a bit on the thick side and was a little streaky – not as bad as Pillow Talk, but still required some patience. It does even out to a nice opaque finish at 2 coats though, and dries to a nice shine.

Rimmel Lose Your Lingerie 203

Lose Your Lingerie
A beautiful soft baby pink creme with silvery microshimmer, as before, and a pearly finish; this was one I was pleasantly surprised by. Baby pinks often come off chalky and clashy on me but this is beautiful – I’m a massive fan! This one had a lovely formula, and applied evenly. It was opaque at 2 coats, and dried quickly, to a nice shine.

Rimmel White Hot Love 703

White Hot Love
This one is apparently Rita’s hero shade, and I have to say I’m a massive fan too. It’s  white creme with a little bit of microshimmer, giving it a hint of pearlyness. However, usually I find whites are either pure cremes or very pearly or frosty, like Ciaté Angel Wings, so this one is a perfect middle ground for those who find the creme too chalky and the frost too fussy. I love it! It has a lovely formula, applies evenly, opaque at 2 coats, dries quickly and twinkles in the sunlight. Perfection!

I’m so impressed by this collection. Even though three have slightly tricky formulas, they are still gorgeous shades, and the other three quarters of the collection have amazing formulas to compensate! I don’t think there’s one colour that I don’t like, and I’m really looking forward to using these regularly! My personal favourites are Oragasm, Lose Your Lingerie and White Hot Love.

The Rimmel Rita Ora collection launches in Boots and Superdrug on 19th March – only 4 days to go! They will retail at £3.69. Which are your picks?