Picture Polish Escapades

My Picture Polish love affair continues – I’ve been waiting to show you this nail polish ever since my nails all broke – it’s been my one of my favourites all winter! (I am living in fear of it running out, and I’ve only had it 2 months!) But I felt it needed a nice even set of nails to show it in its full glory.

Picture Polish Escapades is another collaboration shade; this one with Nail Escapades (one of my very favourite blogs!). I am all over it! It came out at the tail end of 2014, along with Picture Polish Lollipop, which I reviewed here.

Picture Polish Escapades

Picture Polish Escapades

Picture Polish EscapadesEscapades is a very deep, dark teal colour. In some lights it looks like a slightly-glowing black. It contains holographic flecks, as is almost signature in Picture Polish shades. There is an interesting quality to this nail polish though – it appears almost smoky but with a beautiful depth. Now I have to stop waffling!

Application: My bottle of Escapades was a little thick, so it benefited from adding nail polish thinner (I used Orly thinner). For the most part it is opaque in 1 coat, although occasionally there was some dragging so I used 2 coats for best effect. It dries quickly, and to a semi-glossy finish, but topcoat gives it the best shine.

I have to note that this colour will stain your nails, only slightly, if you don’t wear basecoat. The green also clings to any dried out areas of the nail (for me this is near my cuticle) – this disappears within a day or so but it’s worth knowing.

You can buy Picture Polish Escapades from Rainbow Connection UK (here) where it costs £10.75. Shipping for orders over £20 is £1. Alternatively, you can buy it from Llarowe (US), Harlow & Co (CAN), Picture Polish (AUS).

Let me know what you think of this colour! For me it’s the perfect non-black nail colour for dark days in winter! 🙂

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  • What a gorgeous colour!! I love how the holographical flecks make it look like it’s glowing.

    • They do, don’t they! I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought so 🙂 xx