Picture Polish Aurora

Hey everyone! On Thursday, the lovely Annette of Rainbow Connection (and Sally of Sally Magpies) put up the new Picture Polish Limited Edition collection on sale – it’s been quite a hyped up collection as they are limited in numbers, with Aurora particularly being super limited! From what I read from Picture Polish, only 800 have ever been made so to be able to get them in the UK and avoid the worldwide manic restocks is a blessing! Along with a few other girls, I was checking Facebook and RC every 5 minutes that morning until the polishes were up! They sold out pretty quickly.

I do think that this one is justified in being highly sought after – it’s super duper gorgeous, SUPER gorgeous… duochrome heaven!! I have a slightly similar glitter topper by Ozotic (same company as Picture Polish) called ‘528’ which is essentially the glitter version of Aurora… which I love… so of course I love this!!

Picture Polish Aurora duochrome

Picture Polish Aurora duochrome (2)

Picture Polish Aurora duochrome (3)

Picture Polish Aurora duochrome (4)

Picture Polish Aurora duochrome (5)

Picture Polish Aurora duochrome macroI have layered two coats of Aurora over Nails Inc Motcomb Street (a lovely blue-black) to get the full impact of the duochrome. It’s actually a fairly sheer polish on it’s own, and the duochrome is ten times better over a dark polish. It’s essentially a green/purple duochrome shift shimmer, packed with iridescent green/purple glitters, all one size. It’s really pretty – super sparkly too! It’s an interesting one because in daylight it has a very strong shift, whereas in low light or artificial light it’s a little more dull but much much more pink – really interesting!! I even caught some orange in some lights.

The name makes me think this is probably inspired by aurora borealis, or the Northern Lights, which I’ve never seen in person (a girl can wish!) but from pictures I’d say this is a fairly accurate representation of the wonderful colours seen in the natural phenomenon!


Aurora takes 3-4 coats for full opacity on it’s own. Over the top of another polish it’s perfect because it applies very evenly, no streaking whatsoever. It completely transforms another colour in just one coat. It dries quickly, however dries quite dull and a little grainy, so I’d definitely recommend wearing a topcoat.

I am super in love with this nail polish. I do love a good duochrome and this one ticks all the boxes.

You can buy Picture Polish Aurora from Rainbow Connection, which will be restocking in a few weeks. My bottle cost me £12.50, which I freely admit is a little heavy for a bottle of polish but it is a limited edition, and I may or may not have ordered a couple more 😉 RC has free delivery on orders over £20 so it would have been rude not to!

Did you pick it up? If not, will you be picking it up next time round? Annette updates the RC Facebook page all the time so there is probably the best place to find out when the next restock will be :).