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Nail Stickrs Review - Imagination In Colour

Nail Stickrs Review

Hey ladies! A little while ago a lovely lady behind the Nail Stickrs brand kindly sent me a selection of her nail stickers to review! I’ve not really used nail stickers much in the past, other than a few printed/decorative ones so this was new for me. They are actually a US brand, but they ship internationally so they’re available to us here in the UK too – yay!

So the basic idea is to use these as a stencil for nail art. I decided to show you how you can use them both ways – as decorative stickers as well as using them as stencils.



So here (above) I have used the stickers as a decoration to my existing manicure (obviously this isn’t necessarily exactly how I’d wear them but I just wanted to demonstrate that they can be used this way!) – I’d recommend using a coat of topcoat to protect the stickers and make the manicure appear smooth.

You could also paint the stickers in a colour of your choice before you apply them, so you don’t necessarily have to use the colours provided, to make them fully customisable!

Finally on this method, you could also use them as part of a ‘jelly sandwich’-type manicure. Especially the sparkly silver stickers in the star and heart shapes – they stand out really nicely under one layer of a jelly nail polish. I tried it using Picture Polish Freya’s Cats but forgot to take a picture – oops!


The other (my favourite) way of using these nail stickers is as a stencil for nail art.

So, starting with your base colour (ensure this is FULLY DRY!), place the sticker in the position you want. Whatever is underneath the sticker will stay the colour of your base colour – for example in the picture above, my base colour was Picture Polish Electric Dream (pink). On my index nail I used a lightning bolt, on the middle I used 2 stars in different colours, on my ring finger I used zigzag stickers at even distances between each other, and on my pinkie I used straight line stickers. Next, you paint 1-2 coats of your top colour over the entire nail, including over the top of the sticker(s).

With the stickers that are longer than your nail width/length, you can leave this until it’s totally dry, as you will be able to pull the sticker off from the edge without disturbing the polish. However if you are using a ‘floating’ sticker such as the stars, where the sticker is totally covered by nail polish, you will need to retrieve this with tweezers before the polish is dry. This is a delicate operation – you can probably see that I messed mine up a little! But it’s definitely do-able and not too fiddly so worth a go.

I know there’s been a big trend in the nail world the last few months (certainly in the UK!) to be using nail vinyls and nail stickers to create quick and easy nail art, so they’re well worth getting while they’re readily available – it’s honestly the quickest, easiest nail art ever!

You can buy NailStickrs from the NailStickrs Etsy store, but if you live outside the US you will need to buy from their website, which does international shipping. There’s a great range of shapes and colours, and the prices tend to vary depending on the quantity you are buying (e.g. 24 Daisy stickers is $6 while 60 is $12.99, and you can also buy a bumper pack of 500 stickers in various styles for $28.99 – roughly £17 in the UK) so it’s definitely worth checking out. The site also has an international shipping calculator which you can use at the ‘view cart’ stage, which is handy for working out your total cost.

What do you think of these? I’m excited to use more for my future manicures!