Hare Polish Test Your Love!

Hello everyone! I have another polish from my one true indie love a nice indie brand called Hare! ‘Test Your Love!’ is from the Fall 2013 Coin Operation Collection. This collection has the coolest inspiration behind it – “the world of antique, coin-operated arcade and carnival games of yesteryear” in Nikole’s (the creator) own words. I just think that’s unbelievably cute, and quirky at the same time.

I am personally a massive fan of arcades and coin games, even the modern ones; I have a particular penchant for the coin pushers (I have a secret technique that ALWAYS gives around 80% return… yes I am that sad… yes I do count them… no I do not have a social life…)

Hare Polish Test Your Love

Hare Polish Test Your Love (2)

Hare Polish Test Your Love (3)

Hare Polish Test Your Love macroTest Your Love! is a gorgeous rich raspberry jelly polish, filled with mylar flakies in gold, iridescent blue, orange and pink shades. It’s amazingly pretty! The base is so so squishy and just about the perfect shade of pink. If I could be a colour it would be very close to this one! The mixture of flakes puts me in mind of the type of sand you find where the  bits of shell aren’t totally broken, and you just get reflections of all sorts of colours in all shapes and sizes, it’s just beautiful!


The photos show 3 coats, and while it’s not 100% opaque, I really couldn’t use a base under this, I feel like it would be sacrilege to waste the lovely jelly effect… so I’ll just deal with the VNL! While it is a bit sheer, it does apply evenly and dries relatively quickly too. It dries to a really rubbery, not-quite-matte-but-nearly finish, so add topcoat for shine and to make the most of the flakies! My photos are with topcoat.

I’m a massive fan of this polish, it looks subtley interesting from a distance so potentially work-appropriate whilst having a little bit of ‘look at me!’ up close. I think I definitely NEED the rest of the collection now! I actually wore this for Valentine’s Day, at Andy’s request, because for me personally it’s the PERFECT rougey-pink.

You can buy this nail varnish from the UK store, Rainbow Connection, which is where I bought mine, for £8.50, and free shipping on orders over £20! (I don’t know what you mean, I’m not enabling you! 😉 ) You can also buy it from the Hare Etsy store for around £6.20Llarowe for around £7.20 (but don’t forget to factor in international shipping for both of these, and remember you might be charged by customs on expensive orders).