Hare Polish Let Them Eat… What?

So, lovely ladies, today I have a lovely US Indie that I hadn’t worn before today (despite owning it for nearly a year…!). It’s from the Hare The Last Queen of France Collection, from Spring 2013. It’s inspired by Marie Antoinette – I have to be honest, I don’t really know much about her, other than her being a French Queen in the 18th century. (Don’t hate me – I know, I know, I really ought to learn more history!)

What I DO know is that this entire collection is GORGEOUS – I bought seven of the ten released, which is pretty good going for me – usually I a) can’t justify spending that much on polishes and b) don’t like enough of them to buy that many!

I also know that ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ is a rather famous quote often attributed to Marie Antoinette, however (if I’m being pernickity) there is actually no written record of her ever having said the phrase! But anyway, onto the colour 🙂

Hare Polish Let Them Eat... What 1

Hare Polish Let Them Eat... What (2)

Hare Polish Let Them Eat... What (3)

Hare Polish Let Them Eat... What macroLet Them Eat… What? is a beautiful off-white crelly, with satin coral and satin baby pink hexagonal glitter in two sizes, and small gold hexagons, and larger gold squares. It also has a thin, barely-visible silvery shimmer running through it. The best way I can describe the colour of the base is like milk. It’s a gorgeous combination, and not something I’d ever really have thought to put together. It puts me in mind of buttercream icing with sprinkles, on top of a cupcake, so the theme is befitting!


The photos show 3 thin coats – it’s virtually opaque but my free edge is a tiny bit visible because it’s brighter than the pink of my nail and gives a more white finish – this is often unavoidable so if you’re not a fan I’d recommend using a different colour underneath, such as a white or a nude. I have to say, I thought that at three coats it would become truly chunky and gloopy and take forever to dry, but I was pleasantly surprised. As you can see, the finish is even and relatively thin for a chunky glitter polish, and it took average time to dry. It does dry a little bumpy and dull so I’d always use a topcoat with this. I was actually really impressed with application, usually I find polishes that are so glitter-laden can be very thick, and this was thin and very manageable.

This isn’t really the sort of colour I’d normally pick out, but I absolutely fell in love with it after seeing Peachy Polish’s swatches. (Oh and maybe most of the rest of the collection…!) I don’t know exactly how much it cost me but at the time I bought it from Llarowe. You can also buy it from the Hare Etsy store for around £6.20, Llarowe for around £7.20 (don’t forget to factor in international shipping for both of these), or slightly closer to home, Rainbow Connection for £8.50 but with much cheaper (and more reliable – thanks Royal Mail…) shipping, which is free on orders over £20!

What do you think? Is this a polish that catches your eye?