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Glam Polish Would You Believe? - Imagination In Colour

Glam Polish Would You Believe?

Good evening! Hope you’re all well. I’ve had a really busy day at work (somehow being in admin isn’t as stress-free as one would hope!)  but I am still loving the luxury of the 9-5 day. Work 9am-1am with 1hr break and you probably know what I mean!! Another thing I’m enjoying about the office is that there are no rules about nail polish – yayyyy!!

On that note I have a very beautiful glitter topcoat to show you 🙂 you may remember a while back I reviewed Glam Polish Day Dreamer (I have since shortened my nails quite a bit and looking at those photos makes me shudder – no offence to ladies with long nails, I think they look lovely on others but on me I’m just not a fan!!) but anyway, this is the polish I bought with it and I have to say is my favourite of the two – Day Dreamer sadly didn’t quite do it for me!

Glam Polish Would You Believe

Glam Polish Would You Believe (2)

Glam Polish Would You Believe (3)Would You Believe? starts with a clear base, packed with holographic microglitter, then you have three pastel shades (mint, baby pink and lilac) of small satin circles, followed by bigger metallic baby pink circles, with giant holographic pink and holo silver circles too. It’s a beautiful combination of colours and makes me think springy but also slightly magical! I layered one coat of Would You Believe? over two coats of Ciaté Purple Sherbet (which is a slightly pinkier version of Ciaté Sugar Plum) – I tried quite a few combinations and felt that lilac was the best underwear, however the second I get my hands on that Barry M Rosehip Gelly I will be wearing this all over it!!


The polish has a nice consistency and the holo microglitter is spread evenly throughout. I find the best way to get the circle glitters out is to dip the brush in the bottle and take it straight to the nail, dab on the glitter in a blob, get rid of excess polish from the brush and paint from there. One brushload will be full of circles and the next will have none. It’s quite hit and miss but not much hassle to get the glitters on the brush. The giant circles will require fishing and manual placement though. The polish dries in average time so I’d recommend a quick-dry topcoat to speed it up and protect the larger glitters. The glitters lie quite flat which is always a nice surprise with circles – they can be a pain!

I am going to sound really sad and cliché right now but something about this nail varnish makes me think of unicorns and mythical creatures and magic and fairies, I’m not really sure why, it’s probably the combination of pastel colours, hehe!

I bought my Glam Polish from Rainbow Connection UK for £9.80, however it’s currently sold out there. You can also buy from Harlow & Co (Canada), MeiMei’s Signatures (Singapore), Color4Nails or direct from Glam Polish if you live in the US or in Australia.