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Flash Nails Midnight Feast - Imagination In Colour

Flash Nails Midnight Feast

Hey everyone!! You may remember from a few days ago I showed you Flash Nails Jagged which was a funky mixture of shards, and today I have the second mini polish I won from the giveaway! I’ve found Flash Nails to be so lovely and unique so far so I’m excited to buy more 🙂

The one I have today is called Midnight Feast. I love it when names really conjure up images in my mind – this makes me think of sweetie wrappers and cakes and crisps and chocolate and all things colourful. Growing up midnight feasts were a BIG thing haha, I used to stay at my cousin’s house and we’d plan one every single night!! Never successful because despite what we thought, we were actually very very noisy haha!

Flash Nails Midnight Feast

Flash Nails Midnight Feast (2)

Flash Nails Midnight Feast (3)Midnight Feast is a superb mixture of matte black hexagons and squares in various sizes, and small satiny coloured hexagons – the colours I can see are pink, red, lilac, yellow, pale blue, cobalt blue, green and orange. There’s a lot of multicoloured glitter toppers out there these days but this one is very unique for me, and I love how the black squares really stand out against the other shapes. This is one dabby coat of Midnight Feast over two coats of Rimmel Oragasm


As this is a glitter topper it isn’t designed to be opaque on it’s own, but it’s super fun for layering over bright (or dark!) colours. I found the glitter coverage was dense and even, and the glitter applies well across the nail. When I refer to a ‘dabby coat’ I mean that I loaded the brush up and gently dabbed it across the nail, a bit more gently than the usual firm strokes you would use for a coloured polish. It dries fast and to a nice shine, although I would recommend a topcoat for any glitter to make the most of it.

I am loving this combination a lot, I told you before how much I love Oragasm and I feel like this glitter is the perfect match 🙂

Nicola is selling her polishes for a very afforable £5.99 for a full-size (10ml) bottle – the one I am showing is 5ml – at Flash Nails’ Etsy store, and keep up to date on the Flash Nails Facebook page 🙂 I already have my eye on at least three others! Thank you Nicola for this lovely polish 🙂