F.U.N Lacquer Icy Snow Thermal

Hey chickas! I have a thermal polish to show you… I’ve been putting off this post for a while – you will probably notice that my nails are still quite long in these pics, that’s because they are from at least 2 weeks ago! The reason I’ve been putting it off is because I took about a gazillion photos to try and capture the thermal shift. I also realised halfway through these gazillion pictures, that as I was heating and cooling my nails in water and drying them off, the towel I was using to dry them was shedding black fluff all over my fingers. So it’s been a bit of a mammoth task sorting through the pics! However, I’ve got there in the end!

Thermals are so much fun to wear but I have a really hard time capturing them on camera due to my funky body temperatures. A lot of the time, my nails had bright blue at the very tips where they were cold, white in the middle of my free edge where that was warm, and blue over the rest of my nail where my body temperature was low… and no about of heating or cooling would change that, so I had to be quick to capture!!

FUN Lacquer Icy Snow Thermal

FUN Lacquer Icy Snow Thermal (2)
(Warm – you can just see the cold tips I mentioned here!!)

FUN Lacquer Icy Snow Thermal (3)

FUN Lacquer Icy Snow Thermal (4)

FUN Lacquer Icy Snow Thermal (5)

FUN Lacquer Icy Snow Thermal (6)

FUN Lacquer Icy Snow Thermal (7)

Icy Snow is a lovely blue to white thermal polish with icy green-blue shimmer throughout. This is definitely one that depicts its namesake, which is always pleasing! (Does it irritate you when polishes are named after things that bear no resemblance to them? Like Ciaté Ferris Wheel!). Its warm colour is white, and its cold colour is a vibrant blue. It was released as part of the Holiday 2013 collection, and I think it’s just perfect for the Winter months. It’s mega sparkly in sunlight and artificial light, too! It has a little flash of purple, and I mean a LITTLE flash… it was subtle enough to the eye let alone through the camera lens! I did a mini video of the colour change on Instagram here.

One thing I wanted to mention, before you make this mistake too, is that when I submerged the bottle in water to change its colour, I took it out, dried it off, and all the writing disappeared! I feel like maybe I should have known that… am I being stupid?! Has it happened to you?


Icy Snow was more or less opaque at 3 coats. It was a little on the thick side, and if you’re not too careful, it can drag. However if you leave long enough between coats you’ll be fine. It’s slow-drying so I used a quick-dry topcoat to seal it all off, as it also dries to a satiny finish.

One question I see/hear all the time is, can you use a topcoat with a thermal, and does it matter what base you use with a thermal? The answers are yes, you can use a topcoat with a thermal, even a glitter topcoat or layering polish and the colour-change will still happen as it’s temperature-reactive so you can cover it up as much as you like. And no, you can use any base or underwear with a thermal. For example I might use a white under this next time I use it as it’s a little sheer.

I do really like this polish despite a few little botherations in the application, it’s so worth it for that stunning sparkle.

I bought my bottle from Rainbow Connection UK, where it’s currently in stock at £9.70 for 16.7ml, or £6.20 for 7ml. It’s a seasonal shade so I’d grab it while you can, it’s definitely one I’d recommend! 🙂 I also emailed the lady who makes F.U.N Lacquer to enquire whether it’s cruelty-free – she assures me it is, which is fab!


  • Debbie Jarman

    lovely pics, I wore this last week and I too took millions of pics, most ended up in the recycle bin! thermals are so pretty and such fun but a devil to capture 🙂

    • I’m the same!! I think the number was in the 180 region for me :o! I’m so glad it’s not just me haha!! xxx