Enchanted Polish January 2014 Mystery

Hello everyone! I have quite a fancy nail varnish for you today. If you haven’t heard of Enchanted Polish before (where have you been?!?!) they are one of the most sought-after indie brands of today. Drama aside, I do think that EP create really gorgeous lacquers so I don’t mind spending a little extra (but not too much!!) on these.

Because there were a lot of issues to do with restocks, Chelsea (the creator behind the name) started off the year with doing a pre-order, instead of a restock. This seems to have worked much better so I really hope she continues with this. No stress! Anyway, Jan 2014 was a ‘mystery’ polish – we were buying blind. I don’t really have strong feelings on many colours so with this I felt relatively safe, although I know others might not be so keen on the idea. Apparently this is the year of mysteries for EP though so it will probably carry on in this vein!

Enchanted Polish January 2014 Mystery

Enchanted Polish January 2014 Mystery (2)

Enchanted Polish January 2014 Mystery (3)

Enchanted Polish January 2014 Mystery (4)

Enchanted Polish January 2014 Mystery (5)

Enchanted Polish January 2014 Mystery 1

Enchanted Polish January 2014 Mystery macroSorry this post got a little picture heavy – I just couldn’t decide which ones to leave out hehe (out of about 123 I reckon this is pretty good going…!). January 2014 is a really really interesting colour. The base is a slightly green-toned dark navy blue but with a hint of black in there too. It’s like a murky, dark, smoky slate colour. And then there’s the fab holographic pigment. If you’ve been reading for a while you’ll know that I do prefer my holo to be more on the subtle side (don’t hate me!) so this is actually pretty perfect for me. The holo is obscured in dull lighting, I feel like it’s drowned by the dark pigment, right now in the bedroom it looks like a pretty regular dark navy black colour, but in daylight, sunlight and direct light, oh mama!


I did find this one pretty tricky to apply to be honest. The formula is thick, so this makes neat application quite tricky. It also makes the polish draggy so ensure you load up your brush before you paint, and try not to go over the same place twice. It also dries REALLY slowly so I’d recommend using a quick dry topcoat, and even then try not to use your hands for half an hour or so. I also had issues with the brush – mine was jaggedy and frayed at the end which made a neat cuticle line really hard. One point in it’s favour is the opacity. It was virtually opaque at 1 coat, I added a second to ensure it was all consistent throughout.

I think the application issues serve as a reminder to me to why NOT to spend over the odds on indie polishes, I have done this in the past but it’s really not worth it – I’m happy with it for the price I got it for ($25 delivered – about £14.93 at the moment) but I wouldn’t ever pay more than that.

You can sign up to the EP mailing list here, for email updates about when there will be a pre-launch.

I’d love to know your thoughts on the pre-order system, the mystery element, the application issues and is it worth it overall to you?