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Emily de Molly Black Forest - Imagination In Colour

Emily de Molly Black Forest

Hey everyone! You may remember from last week, a little series has begun called the ‘A-Z Series’. This is between myself and a lovely group of girls who I will list at the end of the post! The idea is that on the day we post, we choose a polish with a name that begins with the corresponding letter for that week. This week is ‘B’, so I have chosen Emily de Molly Black Forest! 🙂

This isn’t an untried for me, but it’s kind of tricky to photograph  and last time I wore it I applied it badly so I haven’t posted about it before. It’s a gorgeous polish though and really ‘me’! 🙂

Emily de Molly Black Forest

Emily de Molly Black Forest 2

Emily de Molly Black Forest 3

Emily de Molly Black Forest 4Black Forest is a gorgeous inky-black jelly filled with two sizes of metallic emerald hexagonal glitter, and also some little matte black squares that I never saw before – I only noticed them while I was applying this in the sunlight. The first coat goes on so evenly it’s just amazing, hence why I included the photo above. I almost wanted to wear it like that, I couldn’t tell you why but I felt that the pigmentation was so even it just pleased my soul somehow, hehe! The polish has a lot of depth which I think is just stunning, it’s like a jelly sandwich – the glitter peeks through with each coat like it’s underwater 🙂


While the first coat applied perfectly, I found the second coat a little more tricky. This is where the glitter started to drag with the brush and clump at the end of the nail – it required more of a dabbing than a painting, which you need to be careful with because if the layer is too thick it will take a while to dry. The glitter definitely likes to stick to the brush, even why applying topcoat. You can even see in my photos where the glitter has dragged along with the brush, leaving slightly bald patches or indentations. I’d highly recommend leaving a good 10 minutes between coats just to make it easier, and maybe even applying over a black creme to reduce the amount of coats you’ll need.
The first two photos and the close-up show two coats, while the third photo shows one. At two coats it does still show the free edge, particularly in sunlight it’s very visible. So I’d say you need 2-3 coats for opacity, depending on your preference. If the coats are thin, the polish dries in average time, however the thicker your coats get the longer it takes to dry – this isn’t a polish to paint and go, as it were, even with quick-dry topcoat. The other thing I found is that the polish itself is quite watery, which can make it prone to flooding the cuticles, so thin coats and conservative brushloads is honestly your best bet for a nice finish. Finally it does dry to a lovely glossy finish.

So I know I had a lot to say about the application of this polish but I always think it’s best to make sure you’re prepared, especially as Emily de Mollys’ do cost around the £11 mark. I bought my bottle of Emily de Molly Black Forest from SallyMagpies, where it’s currently showing as out of stock so I couldn’t tell you whether it’s going to be back. However it is currently in stock at Llarowe, for $13.50 (remember to add in international postage costs!).

What do you think of this pretty polish? This I’m willing to put up with application quirks for… how about you?

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