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Valentines Inspired Nail Art with JustMyLook

Hello there! I really am spoiling you lot with blog posts this week aren’t I 😉 Haha. All of a sudden I’ve had a flurry of PR requests & samples, which is actually a good thing as it makes me more accountable and motivates me well so… we all benefit I think.

Anyway! I was kindly sent three nail polishes by JustMyLook, to create a Valentines Day Inspired nail design. As I’ve mentioned on here before, I’m not big on Valentines Day but I do enjoy a good seasonal manicure so here we are!

Valentines Day Nail Art
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Valentines Pretty Nails

Hey everyone, just a quick one for now as I have another post lined up for later, but wanted to day Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! 🙂

I was wearing my Barry M Heather Silk yesterday, and thought, this would look amazing as a pastelly gradient! So I’ve put together as quick step-by-step guide to how to get this look. The heart was a last minute addition in recognition of the day, but I think it works quite well! It’s a really easy nail art look.

Barry M Silk Gradient Heart
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Valentines Nails

Today I have a beautiful easy nail art look to show you, inspired by the pink-red themes of Valentine’s Day, ready for Friday 🙂 Andy and I aren’t hugely into celebrating it, it’s nice to make a little gesture like a card or a nice dinner together but I think we’re both advocates of showing love for each other every day.  So I don’t have strong feelings on it either way, but I know some love it, and some hate it! 🙂

…I do love any excuse for a seasonal manicure though! 😉 this time last year I did Heart French Tips, and this year I’ve done a cute pink gradient! I actually used a (clean!) washing up sponge for this look, because I didn’t have any makeup sponges, which was HARD! I would definitely NOT recommend using that, it has so many holes that the polish just sinks right in, and barely sponges!

Valentine's Nails Gradient
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Valentine’s Day Nail Art

I’m a big sucker for Valentine’s Day, I’m a big romantic and I love any reason to get back in touch with love (and I don’t think that it means I love my man any less on other days of the year either, it’s just nice to get caught up in everyone else’s love, romance and happiness when you don’t see it every day!). That’s not to say that I want to alienate anyone who doesn’t like Valentine’s Day either, and it’s cool to be single too! 🙂 Just a no-offence-meant disclaimer for you all 🙂

So here is the product of a Valentine’s brainstorm… okay I didn’t go very crazy with it but I didn’t want to spoil it, as you will probably see by following the pictures, lol!

Valentines Day Nail Art heart hearts pink red french tips OPI You Only Live Twice cranberry love easy design short nails

Step One – Heart-Shaped Tips

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