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Barry M Treasure Chest - Imagination In Colour

Barry M Treasure Chest

Hello! Here is another polish from the Barry M Aquarium Collection – this is called Treasure Chest. I have a theory that this is a close match for OPI Gaining Mole-Mentum, which has recently been released as part of the Muppets Most Wanted collection – Treasure Chest is just missing the silxver shards. Brands slowly seem to be picking up on the metallic shards trend – there were a few around at Christmas; Bourjois Vampire Vanity was a big one which was a gold shard topcoat. And now there’s OPI, Barry M, L’Oreal and more jumping on the bandwagon – albeit slower than some other trends. But I think this might be a thing this summer!

Barry M Treasure Chest

Barry M Treasure Chest (3)

Barry M Treasure Chest (2)

Barry M Treasure Chest (4)Treasure Chest (such a fabulous name for a blingy glitter topcoat!!) is a lovely mixture of gold and rosy pink metallic shards. These are shredded so they are all kinds of shapes and sizes, so you will never have two nails looking the same. I initially thought this would look quite messy, being that the shapes are so different and irregular, but it actually looks really really pretty. I didn’t layer it over the shimmery polishes from the Aquarium Collection because I feel like the metallic shine of the shards would be lost on top of a chromey reflective polish – this is one coat of Treasure Chest over two coats of Barry M Rosehip Gelly.


The amount of glitter per brushload is fabulous – you will not need to fish around to get them out! I found that I had to manipulate them on the nail a bit as they would tend to drag with the brush, leaving empty spaces and some clogged with glitter – I found dabbing the glitter off and then gently moving it with the brush was the most effective application. The polish dries bumpy and some shards do stick up, but this is easily smoothed out with topcoat, which also protects the shards from snagging on things and makes the metallic shine even more reflective. It dries fairly quickly as long as you don’t do a thick coat.

I’m loving this polish because I think it’s really girly… but without being tacky, if that makes sense? It’s sooo pretty and I can’t wait to try it over darker colours like Barry M Indigo.

You can buy the Barry M Aquarium Nail Effects from BootsSuperdrug and Barry M for £3.99 each (and they’re often on offer so keep an eye out!). Look out for more reviews of the Aquarium Collection this week!