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Barry M Super Nova - Magnetic Multi Sparkle - Imagination In Colour

Barry M Super Nova – Magnetic Multi Sparkle

Hello! You may remember in late 2011 and 2012 magnetic polishes really came into trend and a lot of brands leapt on the magnetic train. To be honest at the time I wasn’t crazy for magnetics and found them a bit of a faff, but I did always love the second space-themed magnetic collection released by Barry M. I was looking back through my old posts and realised I never posted the fifth of the collection: Super Nova (also known as Magnetic Multi Sparkle as labelled). I tried it on today and I have to say I am very tempted to pull out all my old magnetics again as I really enjoyed it this time round!

If you want a peek at my older posts on the magnetics then click here, to see my messy polishing and uneven nail lengths haha!!

Barry M Super Nova Magnetic Multi Sparkle

Barry M Super Nova Magnetic Multi Sparkle (2)

Barry M Super Nova Magnetic Multi Sparkle (3)So this polish is a lovely silvery-gunmetal shimmer with holographic microglitter. I forgot that some of these have microglitter in them which makes them extra special! The magnetic effect is a blackened-grey colour, which makes the silver really stand out. It looks 3D, god I am annoyed with myself for not using these more, they’re awesome!! The polish can be worn alone as well as with the magnetic effect, as it’s really pretty alone too, just apply as a normal polish and topcoat.


1. Shake well to make sure you have even distribution of the magnetic particles.
2. Apply one coat, and leave to dry.
3. Paint a second coat on a single nail, and quickly grab the magnetic cap. It has a curved lip which you balance 3mm or so above your cuticle and have the magnet positioned above your nail. If you have curved nails like me you can extend the pattern across your whole nail by slowly tilting the magnet across the nail. Ensure you don’t touch the nail with the magnet at any point as it will spoil your nail! Hold the magnet over your nail for a good few seconds to let the pattern develop.
4. Repeat on all nails.
5. Use a thin topcoat, if any, so that the design isn’t dragged across with the topcoat.

I find the polish dries quickly, and the effect of the design means it’s not dull so you don’t really need a topcoat except for longevity. One coat is a bit too sheer, hence why I said to use the magnet on the second coat. There are also instructions on the side of the bottle :).

I love love love the effect of magnetics and I’ve really fallen back in love with them – they’re such a simple, easy way to get awesome nail art on your nails and it doesn’t take long at all! You can also mix and match designs when you have the other bottles, which have different designs in the magnets.

Barry M Magnetic nail paints are available at BarryM.com at £4.99 each, and from Superdrug and Boots :). What do you think of magnetics? I am definitely going to be using mine more often now!