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Barry M Spring/Summer Press Release - Imagination In Colour

Barry M Spring/Summer Press Release

Hey everyone, just thought I’d show you this exciting press release which was emailed to me! Barry M have yet more products on the way, which will be released in Superdrug and on Barrym.com on 10th April and in Boots on 17th April. Look out for their media releases on their FacebookTwitterTumblr and Pinterest pages!

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Nail Art Pen Group

Nail Art Pens

Barry M says: Decorate your nails with Barry M’s Nail Art Pens!  The extra fine tip and easy grip bottle means you can design with ease.  Simply shake the bottle well before use and pump the tip until the colour starts to flow. 

Colours: Black, White, Silver & Pink.

Retail Price: £4.99.

Nail Paint Corrector Pen 2

Nail Paint Corrector Pen

Barry M says: Tidy up your mani with Barry M’s melon scented, acetone-free Nail Paint Corrector Pen.  It’s easy to use and comes with 2 replacement tips.

Retail Price: £4.99

Brow Pen

Brow Pen

Barry M says: Define and enhance eyebrows with Barry M’s new Liquid Brow Marker Pen.  Its thin nib and easy grip packaging enables a precise application. 

Colours: Dark Brown.

Retail price: £4.99.

New Nail Sharpener

Duo Pencil Sharpener

Barry M says: New Barry M Duo Pencil Sharpener keeps regular and larger pencils sharp.  Its adjustable blade allows the choice of a sharp or a blunt point and cleaning pick helps to prevent blocks. 

Retail price: £2.00.

Ultra Moisturising Lip Paint 163

Ultra Moisturising Lip Paint

Barry M says: Ultra moisturising Lip Paint enriched with hydrating and lip nourishing Cocoa Butter for a soft and saturated finish. 

Colours: New red shade in ‘Little Vixen’. 

Retail price: £4.49.

Personally I’m really excited by the Brow Pen and the Nail Art Pens. I hope the dark brown colour of the brow pen will be quite versatile and will match a lot of eyebrow colours, or that they release a wider range in the future. I am excited to see the Nail Art Pens, having personally only used squeeze-tip nail art pens which double up with a striping brush before, so I am looking forward to trying these! I will also be curious to see how the Nail Paint Corrector Pen performs, as I have heard that other brands’ corrector pens have dried up quickly, as have the spare replacement tips. And you can’t beat a melon-scented nail polish remover, so I’m all fingers-crossed for this one!

Which products are you excited for? 🙂 Be sure to look out for these in shops or online from 10th April!