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Barry M Pearl Silk Effect - Imagination In Colour

Barry M Pearl Silk Effect

You know what I said yesterday about getting later and later? Well… whoops! Here I am at midnight because I’ve been having a very lazy Friday night and I wasn’t honestly sure what to post. Sorry! 😛 Anyway, here is another from the Barry M Silk collection. Over a month ago (can you believe how quickly that’s gone?!) I showed you Barry M Heather, and today I have Pearl to show you. It’s very… well… pearly!

Barry M Pearl Silk

Barry M Pearl Silk (2)

Barry M Pearl Silk (3)As you can see, in its natural state, Pearl dries to a lovely satiny finish, a lot like silk – I do have to praise them on making the polish actually look like the name of the effect (some brands have a habit of coming up with funky names that really don’t make sense, lol!) and this is pretty unique to my collection because of the way the shimmer sits in the pigment. It’s almost cushiony like the inside of a marshmallow? Do you know what I mean? While often white pearly shimmers can be frosty and streaky, this one’s pretty good!


Pearl takes 2-3 coats for full opacity. I found it could be a tiny bit streaky but it’s not really visible in person. It dries fairly fast which is good, because topcoat would spoil the effect that the satiny finish gives. It was a teeny bit on the thick side but I found that was actually quite good for the application of this polish, as it reduced streakyness, somehow!!

I’m a big fan of this polish, you know how I like my shimmery whites and it’s always good to see brands doing something different from what’s already out there!

Pearl Silk Effect is available in  SuperdrugBoots and barrym.com, costing £3.99 per bottle.