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Barry M Gelly Collection Spring 2015 Swatches, Review & Comparisons - Imagination In Colour

Barry M Gelly Collection Spring 2015 Swatches, Review & Comparisons

Hey there! So I promised (stupidly) to get this post up last night, but had an unexpected visit from my mum’s partner – which was lovely! – but I ran out of time to write this review unfortunately. So I hope you will accept my profuse apologies 🙂

Today I have the new Barry M Spring 2015 Gelly Nail Paint collection to show you (thanks to the PR team at Barry M for sending me these to review 🙂 ). I am loving that the Gelly line has taken off, so much so that we are still seeing releases nearly 3 years after the first Gellies came out. Happy happy. I loved them back then, and I am still loving them now! Barry M have brought out some lovely spring shades this time – only three, but all are great staple shades.

As always I have swatched a couple of similar-looking shades to compare with the colours, so that you can be sure you aren’t buying dupes!

As an aside – I muchly apologise for my fingers looking oily, I have been religiously applying cuticle oil the last few days, since I dried my skin out big time using soak-off gels. Sorry!

Barry M Cotton Gelly

Cotton Gelly

Okay everyone. The moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived. Here we have a white creme gelly. And this is basically, the perfect white creme. It may be a little off-white, but I really can’t tell. I am very happy to see a white Gelly Nail Paint – now we just need a pure dark green, a black and a bright yellow! Anyway…

Application: I have applied this about 3 times since receiving it. I am finding it hit and miss. One coat is nearly perfect opacity, but the second coat becomes problematic for me. I found if I didn’t leave it long enough (say 7-10 mins) I would get air bubbles in the polish, so you need to be careful of that. Also it is a little on the thick side, so be careful to paint only thin coats. Nevertheless, it dries relatively quickly, to a perfectly glossy shine and is totally opaque at 2 coats.

Barry M Cotton Gelly Comparison

Left to right: Barry M Cotton Gelly, Barry M Coconut Gelly, Barry M Cotton Gelly, Barry M Matt White.

As you can see, Coconut Gelly is just a little more nude-toned than Cotton Gelly. I would say if you find pure white nail polish to be too stark or clashes too much with your skin tone, go for Coconut as a nice off-white. Matt White on the other hand is basically the perfect dupe for Cotton, in terms of colour. The formula is different though – you can probably get away with one coat of Cotton, while Matt White can be streaky. I’d choose Cotton, of the two.

Barry M Fondant Gelly

Fondant Gelly

This is a sugary-sweet pinky-lilac. I thought I would like this more than I do, but it’s perhaps a little too pink-leaning to be a favourite, for me anyway. Despite that, it’s pretty and flattering, and I like it.

Application: This took 2 coats for full opacity. Again, be careful to use thin coats, to avoid bubbles, but other than that it was faultless. Applies nicely and dries relatively quickly, to a nice glossy finish.

Barry M Fondant Gelly Comparison

Left to right: Barry M Berry Ice Cream, Barry M Fondant Gelly, Barry M Lap of Honour Speedy, Barry M Fondant Gelly.

As you can see, none of these are similar. Fondant Gelly is much lighter and brighter than the other two.

Barry M Sky Blue Gelly

Sky Blue

This is my undoubted favourite of the three (unusual for me as blues aren’t always my thing) – this is a green-leaning blue creme. It’s too bright to be a pastel, but too light to be a bright. Haha. Anyway, I really love it!

Application: This one actually took me either two thick coats or three slightly thinner coats, as it’s a little bit more sheer than the other two. I think it will depend on the length & staining of your free edge as to how many coats you will need. It applies really nicely, dries fairly quickly and to a lovely glossy finish.

Barry M Sky Blue Gelly Comparison

Left to right: Barry M Elderberry Gelly, Barry M Sky Blue, Barry M Sugar Apple Gelly, Barry M Huckleberry Gelly.

Surprisingly, Sugar Apple is pretty close to Sky Blue. In person, the difference is more definite (Sugar Apple is more mint green while Sky Blue is more turquoise) – unfortunately this doesn’t easily translate on camera. I would say they are different enough that you need both. Huckleberry is more pastel, while Elderberry is way out there!


I really really love Sky Blue, Cotton is a must-have staple white, and I like Fondant a lot. If I had to leave one it would be Fondant, but I feel like it will grow on me. I’m not sure why but this time round I had a bit of trouble with air bubbles, which is abnormal in my experience of Gellies (but could just be me) but to err on the side of caution I would advise you apply thin coats where possible.

I think the three colours go perfectly together, so in many ways this is the perfect Spring collection.

The Barry M Spring 2015 Gellies are available in Superdrug now, and in Boots from 18th February, for £3.99 each.

What do you think of these? I am a big fan! Let me know in the comments 🙂