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Barry M Caspian - Imagination In Colour

Barry M Caspian

Hello everyone! I am unbelievably excited to be showing you the Barry M Aquarium Collection this week. As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve been pinching the pennies for a little while, so things like nail polish have taken a slightly inferior seat recently compared to things like food and rent! However now I’m working and had my first payslip I’ve been able to treat myself to the new collection, which I’ve been lusting after since the moment I saw they were coming out!!

The Aquarium Collection has been the top of my list (you know how I feel about my beloved Barry M!) because while duochromes have been ‘in’ for a good 2 years, brands seem to keep releasing the same colours – however I spotted at least two which look totally unique to me in this collection! So on Friday I visited Boots and Superdrug… because I felt like if I bought 12 polishes in one go I’d be exposed for the true addict I am…! So I got 6 from each (which still raised two sets of eyebrows… but I needed them!!) as they had virtually the same offer on (Boots buy one get one half price and Superdrug two for £6 on all £3.99 Barry M Nail Paints).

Barry M Caspian

Barry M Caspian (2)

Barry M Caspian (3)

Barry M Caspian (4)

Barry M Caspian (5)Caspian (I’m guessing named after the Caspian Sea, with the water-theme of the collection!) is a truly stunning gold to rose-pink multichrome with a green flash at extreme angles. It’s quite silvery too. Oh man it’s so hard to describe, lol! This is truly the definition of rose gold nail polish I think! 🙂 the pink flash is really strong, which is so pretty. I’m planning to wear this a lot during the week!! I feel like it would be just perfect for tanned toes too (not that tanned anything is ever a feature on my pasty body!!). The finish is like a blend between a foil and a chrome – you can see all the metallic shimmer particles which makes it seem like a foil, but the overall finish from a distance is very chromey. It’s just bloody lovely, is what it is!!


The photos show 2 coats, which gave perfect coverage for my newly shortened nails, but if you have a long free edge or stained nails, you may need a third. This polish can show brush-strokes up, so always try and paint straight from the cuticle to the tip. It’s less brush-strokey than the photos show.  I found Caspian applied evenly and dried quite quickly, and it’s the kind of finish that doesn’t really lend itself to glossiness – I would opt not to put a topcoat over it myself but that’s up to you 🙂

One little touch I love about the bottles is the gold caps with fish scales. I always love that I can tell the more recent collections apart from just looking at the caps, it makes organisation pretty too!

Caspian is a real favourite for me and I feel like I might need to buy a backup bottle – it’s just perfect! And it’s fabulous for anyone who’s still on board the rose gold trend, I don’t think you could get more rose gold!

You can buy the Barry M Aquarium Nail Effects from Boots, Superdrug and Barry M for £3.99 each (and they’re often on offer so keep an eye out!). Look out for more reviews of the Aquarium Collection this week!